Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year's Short Subjects

The Floor Lord
I am leigh of the land and the laird of lore
Try to understand why I am so cash poor
I won’t fight for you or in their bloody war
I’m either pie in the skies or flat on the floor

Socialism before Libertarianism before Anarchy.

We won’t be satisfied until we’re Terra-fried…
    : quoting O.C. Stiggs

Pilot (for a sitcom)
An ancient Chinese philosopher and an elderly Irish bard
Merging through their purgatory, play the comedy card
Both scarred by their tradition and ready to watch heads roll
In a land of exposition, and explosion, both have set the toll

The Rule
Public order is essential, as humans are an ugly mob
Without the law more people would kill, cheat, and rob…
Public schools serve us all, public order do they keep
If not for these your kids would kill you in your sleep…

Nuit is the darkness, the Inuit know her well.

Early Warning Signs
My OCD is rhyming and it ain’t never no bad sign
My specialty is timing out a longer length of rhyme
These lines of our times sound out sentinel chimes
Warning of mourning for our mostly seminal crimes

The cost to those lost and tossed is always hard
Camping out, of your mind, in the back yard
Asleep at the wheel while marking-up your steal
A feeling unrelated as you’re seeking out a better deal

The sign of hourly chaos has come ready to invoke
Like the last time out when the President misspoke
The yoke was all on him as the focus went unbroken
Smartest things he ever said were always left unspoken

Wherever there’s smoke you may soon see flames
No  matter of the scope or the dope on the games
The lines somewhat crooked but the rhymen is still fine
Natives are now watching for that early warning sign

© 2011 Leigh Richard Wolf

Short List of The City’s Greatest Swindlers and Poseurs:
1. Freddy Ceiling, the “legitimate” artist as tax write-off provides us this classic snapshot of a comfortable academic augmenting his situation using hubris, hyperbole, and the media as his main tools in establishing an international reputation.

2. Arturo Erocstein, the designer as appropriator means the kid who stole glances at your test paper back in grade school, is now taking credit for others design efforts. In laster years the name becomes a hallmark of indolence and shoddy planning.

3. Whea Panderella, local broadcaster, ex-Kitsilano High, reminds us that playing from both sides of the face in an acquired skillset in Vancouver. Known to abuse men, the bottle, credit cards, and the viewing public (which is why she is now relegated to basic cable).

4. Claudia Clearance, the annoying City Alderperson is a holdout from the Jurassic era who reminds us daily why dinosaurs are no longer among us. Her approach to the human condition suggests that she actually is, to be kind, inexperienced in the ways of her own soul’s humanity.

5. Mike Magillacutty-Sark, weather man as a nervous weasel whose publicity attributes “the weather” as belonging exclusively to he who says so. Such inane possessiveness, a passive-aggressive attitude, and his lack of “critical data,” further disqualify him from ever being appreciated by anyone in public.

6. Tall Whyteman, local TV news broadcaster that no one trusts or, apparently, watches. His physical resemblance to a national known serial-killer is purely coincidental and the likeness is uncanny. His big-city ways are weird to laid back, west-coasters.

7. Ion Ransom, head of Whyteman’s station’s (WYFO-TV) news department. After abandoning print, Ransom has made real money in the world of television news after figuring out how important it is that what’s fit to publish is critical.

8. Dr. Anne Q. Elk, head of Admissions and Publicity at the local Aquarium, aka the whale jail,  recently announced the trapping and capture of a dozen baby harbour seals for cruel experimentation purposes. When quizzed by reporters about the value and ethics of such a moral transgression Dr. Elk suggested journalists might, “take a flying f*ck at the Moon…”

9. Mervin Melmin, the Ixomathus, is also the oldest person living on the Shaughnessy Circle, and this year Melmin is that one media conglomerate owner whose casual, off-hand, comments become news headlines the very next day.

© 2011 Leigh Richard Wolf

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What the Nazis Knew Then

The Nazis believed that they were always doing good
They were doing everything that they should and could
They knew their ambition needed them to stay strong
They sang about this need in their most sacred song

The Nazis may have actually won the war
This war where destruction begins at the core
They swore they knew a special path to God
Then promoted certain colours in an act of fraud

The Nazis never really went that far away
It seems that America hides them to this day
They tasked their host to cast them in a purple haze
Then mask their past for later, stranger tasks and days

The Nazis knew they would win their war in the end
A social alliance where a new trend helps an old friend
Sending terrifying messages from beneath the frozen dirt
Planning social crimes that are scientifically meant to hurt

The Nazis understood that skies are blue
How people answer to fear as if on cue
Who separates a muzzle from the horse,
When the human race is right on course?

The Nazis ushered millions into the next life
Brother, sister, mother, father, husband and wife
Strife thus inflicted derives from the C-lick church
Hitler’s priest’s fetish was a supple branch of birch

The Nazis were our teachers in all out depravity
Hiding behind priests and the full effect of gravity
Church be searching out history to cover up the facts
The first book of oppression is found within their tracts

The Nazis were our patsies as we targeted their tactics
Once we had the Atom Bomb and too many automatics
We advance our positions in force-marketing democracy
We now have every policy reinforcing our demagoguery

The Nazis experimented on prisoners and the mentally ill
The Americans did the same routine just due north of Brazil
How they kidnap secret prisoners and exile with no trial
With no record of transport and no flight plan found to file

The Nazis are attending a President’s Inauguration
They watch his ascension with detached fascination
In advance of deadly crimes they are ready to commit
Wondering how it was they lost a war to this half-wit

The Nazis say it’s business as usual across the USA
To expand developing markets is the order of the day
The weight is so great that the USA can barely bare it
Their hate is so sensate that they live it and they share it

The Nazis find their victims among the lumbering left
They have a predilection leaving younger widows bereft
Kennedy’s and King’s and Palmé’s and Allendé’s wives
Like Emperors, in ancient times, destroying peoples lives

The Nazis have elected to go forward with democracy
As long as it has no effect they can justify such mockery
A factor of fickle fare in their overall mind and social control
The mood of the electorate will tell them just how far to roll

The Nazis feed us whole grain bread and 3Dimensional circus
They do this just as long as they can spindle, fold, and jerk us
Ask Abigail Hoffman as she Tweets from her homeless camp
Or too many teen girls begging their Moms for a tramp stamp

The Nazis are unforgiving considering their deadly resumé
They will, if and when they finally catch you, gut you and fillet
Their idea of compassion is to let you choose which bullet
But with a hangman’s lever they would never let you pull it

The Nazis are still planning on at least one thousand years
As long as they keep balance between your desires and fears
Pay all of your arrears and keep your nose away from the state
If you get on their radar, Goddess help you once they investigate

The Nazis have great plans for the second and third world
A dollar at a time until control’s revealed and flags unfurled
The whirled are slipping from grace as Middle Earth is now here
Feels like half the human race is still living in a city state of fear

The Nazis are mostly unwilling to let go of their intentions
Sixty-five years and no mega-war except for small exceptions
Such extensions must be approved by a very small group of voters
Who learned environmental lessons working for General Motors

The Nazis are afraid of the price they paid in building their elite
That too many Commie potheads are left walking on the street
There are too many clues from which to choose in the conspiracy
It cannot phase in these crazy days when working inside reality

The Nazis appear to be in loose control of the global situation
Their positive talk and image is ever that of ignoble inclination
Their future’s then a suture and all about being sown up tight
For as long as they have a reason they will not give up the fight

© 2011 Leigh Richard Wolf