Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays

The Twelve Days of an American Christmas
Season's greetings to you and your family, gentle reader.

On the Twelfth day of an "American" Christmas, said country gave to thee...
Twelve more tattlers telling,
Eleven voters griping,
Ten Mexican drug lords,
Nine Christians condemning,
Eight Miss America’s mashing,
Seven bankers playing,
Six censured Senators,
Five Wikileaks,
Four blocks from ground zero,
Three sides of freedom fries,
Two political parties and
One Congress trapped by ideology

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Lore Than Lie

Had the high school high score
Exit through the back door
Drugs a’plenty was a choice
After that I found my voice
In middle teens I took my chance
I learned to drink, I learned to dance
When the lid came off a favourite place
I left that scene without a trace

Travellin shoes helped see the sights
Going blue on lonely SF nights
Always ready for a signal or sign
Cotton’s thready but hemp is fine
Amsterdamage impact on the Riviera
Black leather jackets and pink mascara
California, on my Malibu, spittin out 320
Living up the high life in the land of planty

Then home to hear a last request
“Get the bullshit off your chest”
Saturn returning my Mom’s bequest
As I simply layed her down to rest
Ten years later when my father died
His eyes were alert and open wide
A reason to celebrate under her skies
If feeling our feelings makes us wise

College and careering down several roads
Too many times carting too many loads
Steve Jobs put me back in time, to school
This time well-focussed and nobody’s fool
Quantum-ready and steady in my tracks
Never used the gates as I stayed with Max
Learned about tools and the mystery hacks
Learning all the time the lesson of the stacks

T’was harsh, abuse suffered as a child
That made me wanting and left me wild
Recovery took over thirty years of healing
The wife talks me down from the ceiling
She is my sweetheart and I’m her man
There is no other option or another plan
Once I became we there’s no turning back
No need for favours when the Sun turns black

Helped build some stuff, some products even sold
Never enough to earn a substantial sum of gold
I’m told it doesn’t matter, you are where you stand
I mourn for time wasted working up another plan
Action’s in the doing, not viewing scene-by-screen
It’s all about interaction, not what’s in between
Walking past primitive goals to work towards a prize
To operate the God-machine under heaven’s skies

Learned a song of interface in sixty-four bit time
Of Yin and Yang I sing and sang for dollar or for dime
Twenty-three by thirty-two and then divide by Pi
This machine, the software, can always get me high
Producer, contractor conductor, reader and writer
Painter, photographer, fantasist, and fighter
How the mind is operated by the system you use
And the intellect dulled just by trusting TV news

The Extropian dream may be well beyond my days
But not beyond perception or a long, hungry, gaze
In the realm of imagination the future fits the past
For all the players present are essential to the cast
What’s new is so fresh as to frighten those now old
Used to business based on what is bought and sold
The Internet, and virtual worlds, are relatively free
This upsets some older people but really tickles me

The imminent values of future are not about wealth
Or pride, and/or politics, and rising cost of health
The values of the future teaches everyone to share
The death of deprivation brings a freshness to the air
The greening of convention delivers us new awareness
As lifelong learning leads to more negotiating fairness
As expectations plunge history becomes permanent
And signs of the judge and jury returning are imminent

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vancouverland (revised lyrics)

You think you do but you don’t understand,
You’re living in shadows and you think it grand,
You slink by slow while your heart fires fanned
Welcome to Vancouverland!

A land of plenty with the mountains on-hand
Popular goods available on demand
Everything is open and little is banned
Snells alot like Vancouverland!

If the parks have trees and beaches have sand
If the girls are pretty and the boys are tanned
If the music is too loud and mostly canned
You must be living in Vancouverland!

Vancouver is a situation on a peninsula
Vancouver has no radiation and runs on electrical
Vancouver suffers speculation making rich criminals
Vancouver buffered waiting for wickedest wave to come

You think you do but you don’t understand,
Living in the shadows of the promised land,
People living green and the streets well planned,
This here is Vancouverland!

A land of excitement where riots are banned
Popular drugs available on demand
Everything’s open and the cops well-manned
Reels alot like Vancouverland!

If the girls kick ass and the boys eat sand
If girls have fleas say the boys in the band
If the music is too loud and globally panned
You must be living in Vancouverland!

Gimme a V, gimme an A, a gimme an N C O U V E R!
Gimme a V, gimme an A, a gimme an N C O U V E R!
What’ya got? What’ya got?
You got the prettiest little city you ever could really want
What’ye got?? What’ye got?? You got...
Vancouver, my hometown is called Vancouver...
Vancouver, Vancouver

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

For His Nibs: A Memorial

December 8th, 2010: Thirty years ago John Lennon was shot and killed in front of his house. We continue to mourn the tragedy of losing such a creative genius, loving partner and father.

T’was thirty uears ago today
Sgt. Pepper was killed in front of his wife
T’was thirty years ago today
Sgt. Pepper had access denied to his life

The Sargent and his wife-o
Loved a song and making people dance
The Sargent and his wife-o
Thought it wrong not giving peace a chance

Thirty years after the murder
Bitter feelings emerge, congealing the act
Thirty years after the murder
Still suffering back here, we conceal the fact

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf