Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christians and Moslems and Jews, oh my!

These three Monotheistics are grotesquely intertwined
One is ashamed, one is enflamed, and one left undefined
Their word from God is rarely on but always being heard
He speaks to shame, poor medicine where none are cured

Three Monolithic opinions leave the rest of us few options
They operate, and venerate, through lies and cold duplicity
Building on conversion rates with birthrights and adoptions
They dominate, and legislate, with their localized electricity

When they navigate they eliminate and don’t like to negotiate
Bibles are law in many lands with public money in private hands
They operate so as to isolate until they fear you won’t co-operate
Sacred laws can hide away flaws and help support illicit plans

People don’t grow on trees allowed to do anything they please
Supernatural tales of folks inside of whales always gives us concern
Why these things come in threes and are always covered in cheese
Sit back and take a few tokes and soon enough you start to learn

Lions and Tigers and Bears live their wilderness lives mostly unawares
When not being dominated by the strictures of man, animals understand
Climbing ladders, falling down stairs, a leadership class that often shares
Eliminated by the ever-present hand, animals are victim of the planned

Christians and Moslems and Jews are limiting your right to choose
If more than one God your religion is flawed and thus your word is drek
No matter what it is you want to lose this unholy Trio will bury any clues
If you fight their fraud they’ll think you’re odd and send your soul to heck

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thoughts and Retractions

Moslems are responsible for 9/11
In the same sense that Christians
are responsible for the holocaust! 

Between psychotic and patriotic there’s a very thin, grey line…

That Moment…
In the cold breaking dawn the Earth began to tremble in a terrible, dynamic, event that changed everything forever. Subtle waves at first and then a tangible shift in momentum as the Earth began to shake with a violence unknown in recent history. Not since the fabled, ill-fated, drowning of Atlantis had such an extreme occurrence devastated surrounding regions, and negatively impacting the nearby continents, which stood now half-destroyed, awaiting repairs that will never come. 

Rhymes W/ Species
Calling on spectral ancestors, learning more about how to reveal
 All ideas are subjective simplots of inner missions brought to life
Learning to love mean finally, authentically, learning how to feel
Bless those eternally wiser skies that ever advised our valley clear

Born blocks away from an ocean’s edge, port city taught about life
Spilling over with treasures and her share of sad measures, please
Had the sensual pleasures and suffered the typical bursts of strife
Met three different Prime Ministers, all born to lie from the knees

Experience gained throughout the healing has made me more alive
I’ve always attempted to be authentic, I just didn’t know how to feel
Mom married my Dad only once, but my father had to have his five
Taught to pump out a cold winter brew until I caught a plan to heal

What does this teach a human being trying to make their own way?
After fifty years, you accept that gears must shift to make for flow
Intention connects emotion - in effect that’s how this game is played
As long as breath and blood exist, you’re ready-set, psyched, to know

Do you like pop sounds, are you warming up to the next surprise?
From me you will see few favours and I not tell you too many lies
The truth of evidence clearly indicates that existence has no equal
We would all appreciate more years even if we’re sold on a sequel

Planning to peak at a point past fifty reveals a long-term plan
The Coyote-Raven-Trickster deity offers BC-Boy another new role
People, planet, and Web colliding is what I learned to understand
Instead here I am performing on-stage trading on bits of my soul

My OCD shows that I’m primed to rhyme as long as I sense a beat
With compunction and compulsion couplets chiming down the line
It’s my connection to reality that sustains my network on the street
Western government preparing for more war is never a good sign

Here’s a tale of surviving war and a new set of brand expectations
Some jokes about the money supply and learning to speak Chinese
Chapel perilous looms ahead despite your advancing hesitations
Tag me as a friend of humans who have come down from the trees

Since Hendrix died, I have tried to live a life that is self-compliant
Forty years of both smiles and fears erecting bridges and walls
Mantra of generation blank verse to make art and life self-reliant
Shifting gears can bury the tears if you trade for beers and balls

A future unlike anything I or, you or, anyone could or can stream
A century becomes a decade, then a year, then an hour, in a minute
Compression keeps rhythms reflective and something you can dream
Don’t scream at your new brand life just to tell yourself you’re init

As a punk I was totally drunk on my own raw power before I learned
That power and people do not work unless you operate as a collective
Within a corporate structure I always felt that I got badly burned
Premise and promise of power never fit within my own perspective

I wanted to make a living knowing I would never make a killing
Tales of crazy corporate cannibals sent me running back to school
Teaching was intellectually rewarding but not so terribly thrilling
Now I preach of the Pagan Gods hoping they see more than a fool

Your remarkable journey begins and ends within a single wheel
The core of your invention is the home and heart you hope to heal
A distance you navigate in relation to the degree you have awoken
The depth of your intention creates the gateways you always open

Circumference of the circle is relative to everyone’s Karmic history
Like fingerprints and snowflakes no one alike can ever be the same
Infinity is a very, very long time and so the end remains a mystery
Any final score doesn’t matter as much as how you played your game

Did you live life within honour and basic respect for the humanimal?
Did you help those less fortunate improve their lot using your skills?
Did you eat and drink all day and night as if living inside a Carnival?
Do you employ a natural healing or depend on over-prescribed pills?

Did you sip on a Starbucks latté critiquing the ugly fate of the poor?
Did you balance the investments so that others lost a little bit more?
Did you reject folks on the street to protest the insane greed of war?
Do you even suspect you are loathsome right down inside your core?

The values of life cannot be suppressed by politics nor man’s power
Achievements through centuries testify to humanities refinement
No matter the more you work the more you lose by day and by hour
Learning to play within the vibration of gravities enlightenment

The mystery of mind-body-love correlation is found inside, not out
Key to solving human refraction is in psychedelic neuroprocessing
Hysteria surrounding inner exploration means to cause you doubt
Intention of alchemical integration to subvert central programming

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Rubber Bullet Ballet

As if dancing in slow motion, twisting in the wind
Marionettes with invisible strings pulled carelessly
If pain is to punish, how have these children sinned
On the barricades they meet you head-on fearlessly

The hits keep stinging,  the kids keep on bringing
Like a bee-sting with a whale’s bone still attached
The church bells ringing, the kids keep on singing
Like a rat-thing on your eye-phone that matched

A bit-rate keep growing and new seeds need sowing
Like a real thing that moves you towards simulation
The bankless are owing and resentment is growing
Like a sealed ring that keeps in fluid of transmission

Youth becomes aware, society must take great care
Like a black leather jacket and the passion for flight
As if on a dare, altitude and height produce rare air
Like a yellow-skinned village being bombed at night

Flip back and groove on that other space and time
When the cost of reconciliation was a riddle in the rhyme
When the toast of rhythm nation was innocent of a crime
A preternatural intelligence that crawled up from the slime

Generation’s ordeal to feel their presence on the wheel
Like the reassurance of not using their nuclear deterrents
On the chance that another country will ask them to deal
To claim inheritance, only used twice, by the grandparents

The next few years should reduce us to tears
Like a bond between silence and cosmic vibration
Sounds of gears shift as we blow past our last fears
Common ground, fought and found, as a sound sensation

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

R&R #3: The Great Banksy Robbery

Art Is The Lie That Reveals a Truth…
                                        : (attributed to) Mozart

In one of the greatest screen debuts in recent cinema history, the noted street artist slash anarchist Banksy has released his first film, a feature-length documentary called, “Exit Through The Gift Shop.”  The film, directed, written, and produced by the noted Neoist Banksy, is a brilliant look into the history of street art/stencil art but it also an amazing commentary on our times, on the nature of art, the value of an idea, within the structure of the beginning, middle, and end of a art movement. All of this wrapped in the greatest grift-movie since The Sting, the neo-con here is about how the audience must keep their wits whilst watching this event. As the story unfolds, certain questions begin to form in your mind like, “did this actually happen?” and “ what just happened?” are among the comments I overheard shortly after the film ended.

Banksy has done the near impossible. He has crafted a film that is part oral history, part memoir, part con job, and completely worthy of all appreciation offered. With this film, he has pulled back the curtain of the art world to reveal the role of ego and money found in the mix. It is in the corruption of the “street art” movement that is documented and since Banksy was/is a leader of the movement and a major talent as this film so aptly demonstrates. In parts outrageous, hilarious, dangerous, and an effective cure for anyone suffering from a post-modern hangover. 

This is protest and commentary at its best as Banksy, aided by another now damous street artist Shephard Fairey, manages to pull the wool up to the last frame and beyond the film for the true believers. Is it rue and does it really matter. Whether or not an eleaborate prank, Exit Through The Gift Shop makes for a great film. Other writers have suggested the film is an overblown bit of egofeed perpetrated by a couple of nwo-vaudvillians. That too may be true but the lasting effect is to watch a genuine movement rise and fall during an age of massively marketable multimedia and Banksy sculptures regularily get $500,000 at auction. According to Banksy, in a recent interview, the (scam) artist known as Mr. Brainwash can now fetch twice that amount at auction. We are indeed living through interesting times.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Too Broke To Toke

Down to dollars in pocket change
The rent and food took all my money
Cannot afford this, my home on the range
This financial crisis is not very funny

My reputation as the stone now put at risk
The price of the medicine is set too high
Sales of the product are unusually brisk
Too many people simply trying to get by

Without relief the world is too straight
Majors and criminals make all the rules
Within their belief they struggle to relate
Jerkoffs and Generals stroking their tools

Too tired to fight and too broke to toke
Ready to wash away trouble with smoke
Good folks made criminal as a nasty joke
Powers that be and the pain they invoke

Price controls for pot now set artificially high
Dealers depend on law to establish a price
Drugs are always bad is governments reply
So medicate with alcohol and every other vice

Legal pharmaceutical  lobby must have their way
Paying off the politicians never comes cheap
Imagine every person losing 20% of their pay
Cost of doing business with cartels is ever steep

Such a miracle of nature is a gift from the Mother
Like microbes and mushrooms just part of our path
You can live life out in the world or go undercover
Results are entirely up to you if you do the math

Too tired to fight and too broke to toke
Ready to wash away my trouble with smoke
Good folks made into criminals is a truly nasty joke
The pains that exist and the powers they invoke

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Let Me First Introduce You To The Thirst

Just want to make a living
Concentrate on love and giving
Generous with my time and billing
I don’t need to make a killing

If you’re n for a penny, then you’re in for a chilling
Seems that processing progress is over, God willing
As for over-consumption the gumption is going
As a function of physics is growing the knowing

The greatest of our works is in all ways before us
Now taking the lead having come from the chorus
Don’t bore us at all with your knowledge of waste
By using your mouth to display your good taste

If you want me to speak, you’re playing with fire
The best-before date on my voice is set to expire
Off the wire, I’m free to roam within a certain range
Think I’ll go and visit my old friend Bebe LaStrange

The greening of America is enough to amuse me
The preening of the show birds is set-up to abuse me
Don’t use me and then tell me that all sales are final
Don’t limit, try and sell me downloadables on vinyl

The excess of success has horrified the working masses
Selling anything to anyone for access to backstage passes
The cold and crass are mortified by any showing of emotion
Over-sold on ass, that the qualified do it all without a notion

With creation, let your limits become your starting point
Downward emanations only help prepare you to anoint
Smoke a joint, let the lavish flow of feelings fast and free
No explanation needed when dealing with the likes of me

Just sit back, at your comfort, and be quietly offended
Saying these words out-loud now as originally intended
Suddenly I’ve descended and you’re simply over-extended
I am no thing if not ever ready and presently attended

Not yet in suspenders or ever completely comprehended
Then comes your apprehension which stands you unattended
Barely reinvented yet rapidly spreading diabolical dissension
Until suspension requires a full release of imagination’s tension

I am my suspicions run rampant with ambitions
The injection is piercing the source of my forced mind
Rejection of the amended was kind to those intentioned
Unable to transcend the typical course was aforementioned

I owe fealty to a northern kind and to all of her sisters
I deal in hard reality, the kind that brings on blisters
Smoking my testers, so begins the tail for the misters
Mostly mind disasters, mixing dinosaurs with twisters

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Back In The Day

Back in the mid-late Nineteen-Hundreds
We never wondered why without cause
Hacking into the perilous future
The process of progress reveals our flaws

In a previous century humanity left a mark
That cars left scars was never in great doubt
The lack of oil prompted the first original spark
Night-time stars burn themselves inside out

The first wave hit us with elemental energy
Air, Earth, Fire, Water together could produce
Clean, renewable, power from a holy synergy
Endless carbon waste would now reduce

Second wave brought it home at a personal cost
"Everything you know is wrong," said a voice inside
We began to sing a sacred song to integrate the lost
Next to you the ones you love most are by your side

The valley throat-sings a celebration of passion
The mountains surrounding beatbox her song
The predator race that no longer can cash-in
Having lived in the recent past going gone wrong

Who could anticipate the rise in the power of she
Force born inside now dedicated to a total change
Grew strong from a new understaning born in he
Third wave from birth to grave process can derange

Looking back upon the past gives the cause to paws
Children born of nature know that she brings the wave
Humanity is more than fine when creating art and laws
Without sustainable goals and roles - nothing left to pave

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf