Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Angst

One Liners Department…
Oozing out from beneath the slime, comes our times…
Porklips, a sure sign of the impending swine-age…
Is it really political satire if you cannot sense difference…
A logical disconnect from the “supernatural” religions…
Who base laws and philosophies on tribal superstitions…

Q: Why poorer nations on earth suffer perpetual crisis?
A: Third world debt accumulates at first world prices!!!

“Nothing costs more than what you don’t pay for…” 
W.S. Burroughs

It’s not like most folk live surrounded by riches,
No doubt, we’re all crawling up from ditches
Not unlike those other poor, stone cold, sons of bitches
Bursting out of stitches because we scratched what itches

Iraq Update
Last Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, the war in Iraq, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” was officially declared over the U.S. State Department. One official declared the contest, “a clear win for America and a tie for the Iraqi people.”

“Yes Fred, it was a great day for the American forces as they drove over the Iraq/Kuwait border to the adoring cries of few to none. The streets were essentially deserted as the last U.S. combat brigade made its way out of Iraq signalling the official end of the liberation effort to free the Iraqi people from such necessities as soap, antibiotics, cooking oil, and clean water. Said a spokesman for the Pentagon, Colonel Rufus “Whirly” Ostermeyer, “We did a good thing for the American people. Hell, in the past seven years we have exploded enough ordinance to keep at least half the States in near steady employment. Barney in the S&S said that we dropped half the total tonnage used in Vietnam, in one year, on top of Bagdad that one night!”

Afghanistan Update
Try to understand the story of war in Afghanistan
After Mongols invaded Afghani people hatched a plan
History instructs that Afghans invented counter-insurgency
They then made for the Mongols both crisis and emergency

Culture and civilization stem from Iran and Afghanistan
Where we first put the pieces of modern life together
Why is it both of these nations have suffered a stand
From closeted Americans with a thing for heavy leather

It’s been the same story for Three Thousand years
It always been a story of epic suffering and tears
You want to claim glory and actually beat the Gods
Best avoid Afghanistant which carries terrible odds

To Wake and Bake
Wakey-Bakey with that wacky tobaccy
Was depressed, just trying to get happy
Inactive of late, so I’ve taken to my bed
Can’t seem to get that sad song out of my head

Crazy, hazy, daze that bear no repeating
Sad to say, any excuse becomes defeating
Money is empty and most of fun is fleeting
How you get by so depends upon your seating

Wackey-tobackey is the medicine of my life
A fucked-up society and a tolerant wife
My simple heartache has not gone far away
Yet, here I am smoking two grams a day

Another garage band, middle-age music fan
Trying to change the world with their toonz
Another disabled man without a master plan
Trying to wrestle some truth from the ruins

Elegy for Angela, Who Was Murdered
Angela, you deserved better
Than the world would ever offer
Angela, laying back on her decliner
Wherever you are, you have your honor

Angela, you had special needs
Before society knew what that meant
Angela, for wicked fate my heart bleeds
You took on life and living with a singular bent

Angela, chose the hardest path of existance
Whose wonky eye would get her constantly picked on
On the downtown eastside she set up a camp of resistance
Then she fell under the deadly eye of Farmer Robert Picton

Angela, there’s a peace in death you never knew in life
This life was short but not so sweet either woman or girl
The next visit you make you might be a husband or a wife
Angela, you were much to soft to surivive in such a world

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oji Had a Crazy Dream

Oji had a crazy dream to set the entire world on fire
Oji had to scream whenever one of his compatriots retired
Oji had no idea of how and why they had conspired
Oji had to cream things playing the wicked and the wired

Oji had a problem posed for those in the wicked west
Oji had his victim planned would describes it best
Oji had an attitude that would not pass the acid test
Oji had it made and made him mad to face his quest

Oji had a vision filled with virgins and delight
Oji had permission changing people’s day into night
Oji had his fission hidden on a mission to maim the might
Oju had to battle his desire to run far from the fight

Oji had an urgency, destroy them all and then the rest
Oji had twenty-pound of explosive strapped onto his chest
Oji had his reasons for wearing a deadly ball-bearing vest
He had watched entire families die and since has had no rest

Oji had no excuses left but to walk among the disbelievers
Oji had left notice that his cousins be his soul’s receivers
Oji had been programmed by the lies of arrogant deceivers
Oji had killed with his heart those cruel christian conceivers

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

What Freedom Is and Is Not

Today, Wednesday August 18th, 2010, the war in Iraq, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” is officially declared over said the U.S. State Department. One official declared the contest, “a clear win for America and a tie for the Iraqi people.”

Freedom is not an African-American President and
Freedom is not even a future female President and
Freedom is not the struggle to balance eternal forces
Freedom is in your ability to really learn from courses

Freedom once meant that shackles and chains be released
Freedom meant the lifespan of people sharply increased
Freedom is always a two-edged sword that cuts both ways
Freedom is finally speaking your mind before the end of days

Freedom for the first and last is a noble frame of mind
Freedom for a mass of humans and the best of human-kind
Freedom can mean deadly words ever spoken half in jest
Freedom can mean burning the map after you find the chest

Freedom is a two-bit word for losing your right to care
Freedom is a concept of which most are truly unaware
Freedom comes in degrees and is relentless in gaining traction
Freedom is a call for not supporting the endless over-reaction

Freedom is a two-fer one where that for them is said for you
Freedom is obliterated with harmful concepts like church or zoo
Freedom is any bird, fish or mammal not locked away in a cage
Freedom is encouraging every one to feel and heal their rage

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Movie R&R #2

Movie Reconnaissance and Roundup
The latest, the baddest, the broadest, the forecast on feature films.

I know now that the greatest legacy I leave behind, for my God-Daughter and others, will not be the volumes of words, or the art works, or even any of my personal possessions. The greatest legacy I could leave will be a collection of feature films on disk. (I transfer all of my DVD’s onto a hard disk as a performance issue providing smoother playback onto one of two One-Terrabyte drives.)

When I originally bought a Five Hundred Gigabyte drive I though I would be set. But then, suddenly one afternoon, I had the idea of having access to as many titles as possible at any given moment. Soon after, I realized I was a movie hoarder who would never know an end to his need for collecting movies. What at first was an interest soon became a minor obsession. Nothing goes to waste as I enjoy repeat performances almost as much as the initial viewing and in the case of complex plots I get more from second and third viewings.

Like every other collector out there, I like to think I collect only good or great movies and if it is a bad movie then it is a good or great bad movie. Having watched a few hundred MST3K episodes, I can testify that there are bad movies out there that stink so high they could peel a fresh coat of paint off your family room wall. This kind of drek are, sometimes, unforgivable films made by terribly compromised directors, apparently working from a script, with, or without, a crew that secretly worked to destroy the project from day one financed by angry investors.

Unfortunately, the above mentioned scenario is more common than understood until you realize that so many movies, foreign and domestic, are released every day. Thanks to Internet, awareness of movies has never been more scrutinized and thanks to technology films are getting easier to make. This is a coin where both sides suggest that more and more films will be made, over the next decade, and fewer and fewer will actually be worth watching.

But, having been a movie maniac for over thirty years, I can assure you that the vast majority of films mentioned here, in a positive light, will deserve at least a single viewing. Lately, I have enjoyed Centurion, The Losers, Inception (a must see, more than twice), Dinner with Schmucks, Despicable Me, and that’s about it. This summer has to rate up there among the worst summers for movies, blockbusters or otherwise, since the mid-late Seventies. Not since the summer of Jaws 4 have we seen such a poor showing on display. The repeats, mostly third versions, uniformly sucked and those novel offerings like Salt or The Sorcerers Apprentice were mushy-mealy congloption  of retread ideas that carried little weight.

For my dollar, the best movie of this past summer season was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Of all the movies I have seen this past summer only one has scored an out of the park home run. I was cheering in my seat when our heroine, the girl with said tattoo, triumphed over the bad guys (Nazis!). Interestingly, the film was neither made nor released this Summer. That there are two more films in this trilogy is comforting reassurance that fine films are being all the time. The challenge is to wade through the crap to discover those pearls and this I pledge to do for my readership.

© 2010 Advice-For-Young-People
© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apocalypse 2010

August.17. 2010
Beat Liberation Technologies (BLT) First Audio Event
BLT studies the sacred writings and recordings of an era of madness when stories of war, and rumours of war, toasted and tested people’s perceptions on a regular basis. The Spirit Guides of BLT (Burroughs, Ginsburg, etcetera) remain the greatest source of inspiration for the first post punk-rock generation that arose from their ashes. In a grim celebration of singular death-wish motivations cloaked in rituals of greed, casual brutality and isolationist desolation BLT present a case for synergy between spoken-word, found sound, and loop.

The initial release from Beat Liberation Technologies is entitled:

WSB’s Apocalypse 2010 (5:21) 1.2010


© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf (Beat Liberation Technologies)
© 2010 Hottest Year Ever On Record Productions

Rack'em and Rant 1.1

The lessons of Afghanistan were lost on us in Vietnam
Either we actually cannot learn or we just don’t give a damn
Try to understand, for these poor results, there’s a master plan
Brought to us by Americans eager to fan the flames of war
Burning supplants learning in the USA, and in Britain at the
Court of St. James, as if earning respect comes from neglect.
That those misdirected and covertly connected  resources are
gathering forces from various frames to bolster those now lame.
No fair amount of shame can be claimed by any American now in
Afghanistan as we demand the elected direct our troops abandon.
Their mission to make money from weapons and the act of war.
Their mission to control the flow, and distribution, of global peak oil.
Their mission to scare the world into prolonged economic submission.
Their mission to hold the world in that teetering, economic condition

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf
for Beat Liberation Technologies

Monday, August 16, 2010

(Are Those) Tear Stains on the Shroud of Turin

Christians wish to tell you there are so many things to sell you
They say, if they can smell you their sales pitch will compel you

The Christians have it planned that their leadership is manned
By those who understand that Pentecost means to take a stand

Christians offer traces of their ancient leather laces as
Initiates formed the basis of our current political stasis

The Christians base their fear on both smoke and mirror
Premise? You’ll be freer to invest your trust in their holy stee’r

Christians quiver and quake before their angry God
They’ve perpetuated global fraud since they shot their wad (1945)

The Christians truly wonder if another blunder can contain
Thor’s mighty thunder is quite a fright for a planet ripped asunder

Christians think they’re spinned to avoid the coming wind
They’re simply swimming finned in suggesting any have sinned

The Christians never pause in reference to their cause
Their fatal feast of flaws continues denying nature’s laws

Christians will compete and their need to win complete
It’s a matter of pride and conceit that they never admit defeat

The Christians have obsessions about profits and professions
A variety of processions when they take back their confessions

Christians are worst when it comes to being rehearsed
They search in spiritual thirst before anxiety helps them burst

The Christians promote a theology that regulates ideology
But ultimately technology will change humanity and it’s philosophy

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Canadian Complicity in Afghanistan

Canada is a first-world semi-socialist nation
Free medicine and cheap access to information
Subsidized housing and fair rules for recreation
Canada has always been a good semi-socialist nation

Canada has a deserved reputation
Of much clean water and oxygenation
If the US falls into complete devastation
The Canadian Shield may be our salvation

More university graduates than any nation
Canada, as a whole society, values education
Canada has a constant and smooth reputation
A little childhood poverty and urban degradation

You might think Canadians generous and kind
But they’re not really so, not in this rendition
Most Canadian’s are truly not in their right mind
In Canada, killing for war or sport is a national tradition

Canadian killers from the outside looking back
Spinning numbers to the media all war long
Afghanistan where troops are seen smoking crack
Listen to their words and the sound of their song

“The Afghani people are not your enemy!”
“They just look, walk, talk, act, and think like the enemy”

The Canadian people are voicing reservation
A decade of war dead has lost all fascination
Degradation of an invader has left its laceration
Stains upon the maple leaf are colonial radiation

The Canadian people are completely out of touch
Corporate media lies become their only moral crutch
Strong in the clutch, once proved well to the Dutch but
Said Alexander then of Afghanistan, “It’s all too much”

Prime Minister Harper, please give peace another chance
Let the people vote for you another circle dance
Let the ballots flow irregardless of the circumstance
Another chance to choose across the great expanse

This time, let us frame debate around this fucking war
Canadian soldiers dead, now more than seven score
Failed American policy revealed to be rotten at the core
No one here is able to deal with this oil war anymore

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Movie Reconnaissance and Roundup (R&R)

The latest, the baddest, the broadest, the forecast on feature films.
I love movies although I have a love/hate relationship with film. I love movies like True Romance and Bliss and Valkarie Rising. Those are great movies that left something of themselves, and their makers, inside me and millions of fans worldwide. I am not a critic as I have never made a film so I will not be offering directors and screenwriters any advice on how they might have saved some lousy waste of stock.

I am simply a writer that watches between ten to fifteen movies per week and have done so for the past ten years. These days I rarely watch television as my media attention has migrated to the digital universe. I watch maybe ten hours of television per week but time for movies has a greater importance and I watch most movies on my computer’s large screen.

I like old movies, new movies, foreign films (dubbed and subtitled), and those types of movies yet to be invented. I like comedy, science fiction, action, zombie flicks, mysteries, thrillers, documentaries, drama, romantic comedies, experimental film, and even westerns. My tastes are fairly generic in that I usually like what’s popular and I like the quirky. (As an example, I think Crispin Glover is a stone-cold genius…)

I like independent movies, made with actors I’ve never heard of, on shoe-string budgets and by the seat of their pants. I like Hollywood excess especially when things explode or crash into something cool. I think most superstars are over-rated and most character actors are painfully under-rated. (I am a member of the James Hong fan club).

I like A films, B films, and even C films via Cinematic Titanic (Hey Joel). I like kung fu movies, vampire movies, sardonic British comedies, classic gangster films, film noir especially modern noirish fare like Ghost Writer.  I wait in line to see few films but there are more than a few directors that command me to leave my home and visit a theatre where I truly enjoy their visual feast and a massive screen experience.

I enjoy Quentin Tarantino and Roberto Rodriguez as much as I relish Polanski and Coppola as directing genius’. I loved Stanley Kubrick’s work and I think, or hope, that Frank Miller and Sophia Copolla may someday become a first-rate directors. In fact, I believe film directing to be the last bastion of the absolute dictators among us. Not that all successful directors are malevolent control-freaks - only the ones that I have actually met.

Finally, I believe that movies, and films, are among the most treasured and critical art-forms we cherish as a global society. Film becomes a metaphoric, and miraculous, medium of expression that captivates and educates in equal proportion. If I am a truly global citizen then I only understand the planet through actual travel and through film. The sophisticated human of the early Twenty-First Century should make it their goal to explore both modes on a regular basis. Perhaps not to the extent of your faithful correspondent who has rarely watched a movie where he was unable to get something in return.

More so these days, as things accelerate, any film must capture me within the opening frames and keep me close if it expects me to commit to a couple of hours. My time rises in value everyday as I progress closer to the moment when my time is no longer. Therefore, this column will acknowledge the value of your time and will only recommend, or even discuss, movies worth discussing. Some things are genuinely sacred and great movies only more so.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Saturday, August 14, 2010

American Economic Interests

Thanks George
Here’s my take on our current global situation. Orwell had it right on. He had three super-states conducting their “forever war” that sustains their economies and dominates culture. What he missed, omitted?, was the concept that this is a religious war between the Big Three Religions,  Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. But most of the world realizes this as a battle between two tribes, Semitic tribes, the Israelites and their Semitic brothers in the various Arab nations.

The Turf War
The fight between Judaism and Islam is about more than a couple of hundred kilometers of beachfront, tastefully, strategically, located on the southern Mediterranean coast, conveniently located  between Lebanon and Egypt. And although the actual land is ground zero of the conflict this is not actually about Palestine at all. it’s really about control, well actually about U.S. and British co-control over the oil.

No Peace in Occupied Lands
Israel is a symbol of U.S. and British imperial aggression and remains the torment of surrounding nations since, under the guise of establishing a Jewish homeland, people in the region have perpetually lived in constant fear since around 1967 c.e.. People who have never felt anything but the wrath of war and the threat of escalation have been short-changed in a global  scenario where the U.S. “put-up-your-nukes" approach to diplomacy has won them few friends. U.S. imperialism begins in Israel but will it end in Afghanistan and Iraq? 

Feeling a Sickly Shame
Ironically, Israel is now in a predicament having used violence and fear of reprisal in a stick-without-a-carrot scenario for decades after having elected successive governments progressively moving further right along an ideological spectrum. These days, with “Bibi” in charge, the stick will grow heavier to wield and the surrogate wielder, both the Israeli people and Jews of the Diaspora, will share that special shame that comes from adopting the tactics, and principles, of the very people who once oppressed you.

A Chinese Option
I believe the world us awaiting the hand of China  start financing their own “foreign policy objectives,” objectives that will create markets for the wondrous goods and services that China can deliver. As the new century moves forward, China will begin to shine in much the same way the United States did shortly after WWII. Around the time of “Liking Ike” and “making Thunderbirds” the U.S. brought their own version of enlightened proactivity to the world stage through ideas like the Peace Corps, foreign aid, and projects like the Marshall plan in Europe after the Second World War. I have no doubt that China will ensure her own benefit as it helps many nations by taking up the market slack left by declining American interests. It should all come to pass by about 2025, c.e.. Hope I’m actuallu here to watch it all go down.

The Usual Suspects
As for Israel, the hostilities will continue as long as their is oil in the desert waiting to be extracted. Who does the extracting, who controls aspects of distribution can then influence the price and much more. The great user-groups, Britain, U.S., Europe, and to a lesser extent Asia, Africa, and South America must take some responsibility for the Middle East and the historical injustice done  the Palestinian people and for the long term economic damage done by U.S.-British led efforts to get the oil out of the ground while paying the absolute least they could get away with through use of warfare, torture, colonialism, and propaganda.

The Tide Not Yet Turned
The legacy of U.S. foreign policy, post-Bush era, are still criminal occupations where oil assets, and it's transport, are protected better than gold bullion in a central London bank. Thus the Iraqi and Afghan people have the sympathy of every man, women, on the planet not sitting in the lap of American economic interests.Only time, and the depletion of oil reserves, will allow the situation to progress towards an eventual, peaceful, solution.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vancouver Punk 77-79 (a memoir)

Was it the Japanese Hall or up on S.F.U.’s hill?
T’was it Smiling Buddha or the Windmill up the Mall?
At the Railway Club and a variety of culture halls
Commodore Ballroom being the baddest hall of all

The sound was so classic and now seems so elastic
The kids once combined the fantastic with the spastic
Surfing past the drastic they eschewed the fatalistic
In favour of the pragmatically stoic and realistic

Joe Shithead’s first band set a tenor and a tone,
Skulls brought Dimwit in from the Twilight Zone
Not yet dead on arrival, still Joey S. lives on
Banging on his heartbox and singing his socialist song

Subhumans were deadly but useless without
The Rabid, for openers, playing like a Reichstag rout
Sid Sick sang his song before a rowdy Randy Rampage
How a critical cast from the past, loudly turned their page

Denise Disgusting not another player unlike Jade Blade
Tiny Tina  met her match in Harry the holy Rubber Maid
Dennis Hopper dropped by to party and kick out some jams
That mosh exploded when his Hollywood shit hit some fans

From the first Modernettes to the last Pointed Sticks
They were  rocking pop songs without studio tricks
From the K’Tel’d  Young Canadians to Los Popularos
It all began with The Furies, it ended with Payola$

Bob Rock was the only player to make it really rich
He did so with his studio savvy and his perfect pitch
The hitch was he had to hang out with superstar fools
Who re-charged their careers by leaning on his tools

Never sexist, never racist, our politics were left alone
Nazi fascist skinheads were ever outcast on their own
We had Rock Against Prisons, Rock Against Racism
Sexism, Capitalism, even Rock Against Fascism

Still hoping we would die before we got too old
We made sure there’s no cure for the common cold
A legacy, bought and sold, that died within two years
Mad Dog, after The Clash sold out, shedding bitter tears

Those salad days prepared us for a great main meal
In the wings, an extra-large medium, was an extremely big deal
Internet would bind us and remind us of our duty to humanity as
Integrity grows synergy which reduces the criminal duality

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Urban America: God Shed His Blight On Thee

Seventeen years old, a solution in his right hand
Forty calibre justice brings confidence to every stride
Are you disrespctin? Do I have to deal with your kind?
A deadly mix of rhythm and crime fuelling youthful pride

Is today destined to be the day that I die?
Is momma and my aunties ready set to cry?
Why the lower classes learn to hate one another?
How colours can turn a man against his brother?

Teens in trouble start in by dealing with thugs
In a search for their open spaces they get high
Too late, they find few answers with drugs
A spiritual vacuum that does not try to apply

Lack of education from conservative views
Abstinence advice and other bad news
Babies raising babies without any support
Regretting their decision to not abort

Creating more fodder for the cannons of war
Young mothers producing what the system needs
The owners rejoicing at the fate of the poor
Feed it dope and sugar just as long as it breeds

It’s not surprising but it is illuminating how
Capital needs poverty, offering a lack of stimulation
Young minds bleeding, low survival past puberty
If school’s for fools then prison’s for graduation

Unconscious hatred is planted in the drivers seat
A second generation of the urban apocalypse
Hard drug addicts are dancing to a different beat
Racism and sexism on top of a deadly list of trips

Envy is a major motivator beyond the neighbourhood
Presidents and Prime Ministers covet another’s grass
They lie when telling you their doing it for your own good
Most disinformation is designed to cover-up a lying ass

We’re taught hate by slaves who learned it from slaves
We’re taught not to be concerned because Jesus saves
Over our graves is a stone that tries, in vain, to say
It was what it was and why it went down that way

Subject to confinement from a lack of education
My criminal refinement came from my incarceration
The stressors of existence began to threaten me
When I could not remember what it was to be free

The political violence that comes from our masters
Stems from our ignorance when creating disasters
That harms you and yours on a regular basis and are
Traced back to ideas both sexist and racist

Those people are weaker and slower, more duty
These people are stronger and faster, more beauty
People, no matter where, think it’s better over there
Jealousy evolved to hatred more than willing to share

Some people are shorter, some people are tall
Some people have no height and aren’t here at all
Some people are fatter, some people are thin
Some people can fit on to the head of a pin

No grace or true hope can amount much from wealth
So keep your own time and work on your good health
Your mission is your life and to own your intelligence
Just check all of your facts and do your due diligence

Families, in reality, provides foundations for stability
Communication, team rapport, integral integration
In most neighbourhoods it’s the Mothers’ shaping reality
Their determination means deep support for education

Communities, ultimately, are the grounds of any certainty
People live, grow, and die and are centred by interpolation
These times of hardship create a sense of certain urgency
Steeples fall subject to certain sanctions and degradation

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Part One: Bootstrapping Imagination
Space migration demands that intelligence be squared
Life extension knows that death deferred be not impaired
The slave gods control you to have you worship them in fear
With one hand in your pocket, they whisper madness in your ear

Intelligent agents dictate ex-holy slave gods fade away
Post-Humanity activates the people’s right to love and play
Night and day we contemplate our immediate fate and calculate
Why people rarely regulate their creature ‘ill it’s far too late…

Part Two: Engaging a Holistic Approach

It’s to the slave god’s advantage that you’re adept in isolation
Whether you go along with their immaculate pre-conflagration
Deception was infectious and when truth finally does go viral
Perception of religion will take a longterm downward spiral (entropy)

So S.M.I.L.E. at the slave gods and set your soul and future free
Space migration, intelligence increase, life extension are the three
Factors in our extropic future of this certain place and time
Steeples topple as old political allies have no protection online

Part Three: Internalisms (do your due diligence)
Knowledge of inner spaces helps faces in reaching any outer places
Knowing graces growing and delights in illuminating shadow traces
No cases pending, not per bass soundings nor granting bail on biases
In the court of opinion, not master nor minion dare disturb your stasis

Candied faeces stuck in braces, the species against a surging tide
All pride measured inside US though even on the outside we cried
Cryptics and statistics just short-term solutions and no substitution
Trends in triptychs lost when processing final cost and absolution

Part Four: Elegies (the Philosophers)

S.M.I.L.E. for Dr. Tim Leary, his consciousness was beyond their will
Forbidden knowledge before our eyes, our hearts are beating still
Speaking after psychedelics, the language he used was strange
Dissolving assumption. forced evolution, his primary domain

Dr. Terrence McKenna, born and dead, was a child of Extropia
Although he saw a better future he thought the world a distopia
All his phobias and anxieties stemmed from a deep lack of science
He placed his faith in technology and leveraged his home appliance

Part Five: The Invocation to Extension
Both Doctor Terrence and Doctor Tim had a vision of our change
They came out from behind cultural filters with news about our brain
Our commanders left us key instructions regarding the next stage
We will always have their teachings stored on tape and on the page

They used DMT and LSD to orient cyberpilots newly reborn
Both traveled into darkness and brought back the first maps
The journey into the Bardo is post-humanist on that first morn
Over Eons, distilling essence, past the darkness we process lapse

Part Six: Question Authority
Questioning established values draws extraordinary heat
Doctors knew that which they grew could come back to frighten
Cheerleaders for change helping a hard cycle to complete
Both make the grade in a long parade for the movement to enlighten

It is dawn throughout the valley and a few people are awakened
They have climbed the highest peaks waiting for first morning sun
A new dawn observed by those whose faith remained unshaken
Those asleep are also freed as a new age and way will have begun

Part Seven: Mileage May Vary…
When one rides we all ride into our collective digital consensus
Code for a brand new node where transcending death is symbiotic
Acquiring new skills and language in a nanoverse making sense to us
Paradigm shift has slipped into fifth and software is our only narcotic

Do you live under, beside, or even on top of a relative Volcano?
Is the lava dome inside your mind now threatening to explode?
You don’t believe enlightenment means swigging back some Drano?
As you’re part of a perfect puzzle set to create a brand new node

Part Eight: Trans-Dimensional Post-Humanism

3-D technologies techno-roots firmly planted in the next dimension
Travelling through time and space was ever an act of dangerous will
Extropians are Dymaxion perceiving holism's in synergies of tension
Just an extension of the metaphysical prothetic we collectively built

Through imagination and disintegration new histories will unfold
Expanding the crystal lattice at an exponential rate of progression
A critical path to a critical point where stories resonate true as told
A place of true authentication at the end of a very long procession

Part Nine: Applied Quantum Philosophy

Everything has its own memory attached by relative association
You break it - you own it, chaos theory backed up by Bell’s Theorem
In any pycho-pharma, psychedelic, entheogenic self-sublimation
Machine-elves are non-threatening, listen now and you hear them

Time travel, teleportation, and anti grav all sound like science fiction
Past restrictions degrade as decades cascade and futures now unravel
An imagination migration to a next level where we upgrade systems
We’ve eaten too much gravel waiting for justice from God or gavel

Part Ten: Triumph of the Human Animal
In micro-dimensions of the magical mirror we have failed our task
 Any threatened ecology will react with violence when systems fail
Cultural conditions, morphic emissions, cresting mythic emotions
Creating new transmissions and exotic resonance on a fractal scale

Self-Similarity on a massively macro scale enabled by the prosthetic
Our current cultural breakdown acts like a purge and swift diuretic
Esp if you perceive existence in a relative state that is fairly elastic
You have to admit that the bi-cameral mind is certainly fantastic

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf
(for Beat Liberation Technologies)