Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tear Stains on the Shroud of Turin

The Christians wish to tell you there are so many things to sell you
They say, if they can smell you their sales pitch will compel you
The Christians have it planned that their leadership is manned
By those who understand that Pentecost means to take a stand

The Christians offer traces of their ancient leather laces as
Initiates formed the basis of this our current political stasis
The Christians base their fear on both smoke and mirror
Premise? You’ll be freer to invest your trust in their holy stee’r

The Christians find it odd not to fear before their angry God
They perpetuate global fraud since they shot their wad (1945)
The Christians truly wonder if another blunder can contain
Thor’s mighty thunder or is right for a planet ripped asunder

The Christians think they’ve spinned to avoid the coming wind
They’re simply swimming finned in suggesting you have sinned
The Christians will never pause in reference to their cause
Their fatal feast of flaws continues by denying nature’s laws

The Christians will compete and their need to win complete
It’s a matter of personal conceit that they never admit defeat
The Christians have obsessions about profits and professions
Use a variety of concessions when they take back any confessions

The Christians are the worst when it comes to being rehearsed
They search in spiritual thirst before anxiety makes them burst
The Christians promote an theology that regulates ideology
But ultimately technology changes humanity and philosophy

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf