Monday, June 28, 2010

I Am That Dog Called Wolf

I am that dog you wanted to know
Loyal, sincere without too much guile
What I lack in style I gain back from crow
Sit back and rest your quest for a while

I am that dog, that howls, called wolf
I am that dog who handles the flow
Year of the Dog and so I am human
More that I grow,  more that you know

I have a singular strategy
To augment my own energy
I can bark at any entity
To augment my serenity
I am that dog…

I am that dog used to dig out injustice
A rescue mutt for those trapped in a life
An advocate of those learning to trust us
A working dog who reflects on the strife

I am that dog who loves his meatball
A marvelous Mastiff who savours his mate
Using rhyme crimes to laugh at reality
Locating late sign to understand fate

I wag my tail and when I smile
The bitches gather around me
I have this thing for poodles so
Why do those bulldogs hound me
I am that dog...

I am that dog you thought was sleeping
Best let me lie before pulling on my tail
I am an idea you thought worth keeping
Just like a business plan that cannot fail

I am that dog you knew would protect
What’s true for you is the truth for me
There is no case, no cause that I reject
Tracking senses to the bone of what can be

I dig my holes and cache my goods
My neighbour’s know to avoid’em
There are bad dogs around the hood
I hoped God had destroyed them
I am that dog…

I am that dog and you’re the green ball
My attention towards you does not drift away
From the last of October to the first of November
My connection with you is locked onto play

I am that old one, now almost 400 dog years
I am that bold one sticking my nose in too deep
I get my fair share of bee stings and tears
My true core ambition is more food and sleep

I dig my claws and won’t be moved
Steadfast and solid, I’m centered in sound
I own the process whereby I am grooved
Chase after cats and it’s off to the pound
I am that dog…

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, June 17, 2010


You do not see gravity.
You did not make the earth quake.
You do not have anti-grav.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Latest Gulf War

The USA of 2010 is all about behavior and belief with everyone from Barack Obama to Mr. and Mrs. Mainstream reacting to outside forces that threaten to blow out a Presidency and derail a population already split by political realities and battered by two wars and a pivotal, tipping point, financial meltdown. This new “Gulf War” is a war against the planet with the forces of humanity doing their best to kill off the oceans.

The planet, hopefully, will respond in kind and wipe out a whole bunch of humans. Could it hurt? You bet, and you or someone you know may die as a result of this type event. Until people are less concerned with their digital appliances and are  caught in the maelstrom of simply trying to survive, that is when your behavior and beliefs will be upgraded, quickly. Your understanding of planetary systems will improve to the point where you will no longer allow offshore oil exploration and reclamation to occur.

When Marx wrote about the end of Capitalism he suggested that the seeds of it’s own destruction will come from within. After the Gulf oil disaster the whole world may finally learn that a rich person will indeed sell you the rope to hang their own scrawny asses. In this case, the richest country in the world, by at least twenty percent and an entire generation ahead, has now pissed away their inheritance in the form of destroying their third coastline. The environmental impact of this crisis will no doubt spread a couple of thousand miles in every direction, once it hits the Atlantic Ocean, and may in fact dilute as far north as Canada. It is quite likely that every ocean on the planet may be effected by this “accident” and there is little that can be done about it.

Capitalism, like it’s hardline first-cousin Russian Communism, is doomed and only a form of modified and advanced belief, like western democratic socialism, will give the appropriate rights and standards to any society.  China, the world’s largest economy, knows this and Chinese Communism has begun to encourage low level democracy in their election process. Technology has met pace with the internal changes in China, and Iran, etcetera, and life will, eventually, rapidly, improve for any of these oppresive scenarios based solely on the principle of technology promoting relative deprivation and thus behavior modification while inherently opening up the lones of greater communication exponentially.

The Chinese people want free and fair elections but they do not want the crime, poverty, addiction, unemployment, and homelessness that comes from being a Capitalist society. But the amazing growth in the economy of China will offer the country an opportunity to become a champion of human rights and foreign policy. Just as the American experience of the Fifties and Sixties put forth a world view that was, at that time, enlightened and beneficial so to, around 2035 - 2050, could the Chinese be the next white knight that comes along and sorts the planet’s poor out with the aid of a helping hand, hopefully not from a Big Brother.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ancient Cherries

Crunch of early Summer cherries exploding in chorus
Savoury nectar quenching back of throat with cool relief
Crisp yet delicate they pop as teeth meet red cherry flesh
Per pound, as in daze ago, many soon quickly disappeared
Mother: “If you swallow pits then a tree grows in stomach"
The mountain of pits consumed producing a grove of growth
Once native to my backyard climbing tree, I now buy bagged
They’re good, bigger but not fresher, a true nostalgic pleasure
Just as sweet but no more better than from the family tree
Sun sweetens both until school is out and I too can explode

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf