Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Apple Passes Microsoft!

May 28th, 2010: It took thirty years and a liver transplant but Steve Jobs has finally beaten Bill Gates as Apple has finally surpassed Microsoft in market value. 

From his first black box to his latest test
Jobs has created his past and our future
He has handled both market and press
Like a skilled surgeon weaving a suture

Watching river debris float by his sub
He contemplates which media is next
A degree of separation from triple-dub
Representing a singular vision unvexed

A social engineer of depth and range
Pursuing psychedelic measures of truth
Technology to go beyond the la grange
Like a basic black box design for youth

Morality is mostly for the rich-at-heart
Both Steve and Steve would stand astride
Some say they did not make their own art
Like Marshal McLuhan’s mechanical bride

From Vannevar Bush to Theodore Nelson
From the Dynabook to As We May Think
From darkest Tibet to deepest Berzerkley
His Jobs would sync based on his instinct

Integrating hard and soft at correct times
Object-orientation makes for good gains
A recipe for objects for colouring rhymes
Operating systems developing our brains

Celebrating Hypercard and his other failures
Mistakes that set the ground for later success
iWork, iTouch,, iTune, iPhone, iPod, iPad, iLife
Like a modern Howard Hughes he has excess

CEO of Pixar and largest shareholder in Disney
The mighty reach of Capital-Cities and ABC
Recontextualizing music, movies, and reading
A digital visionary cheap at a single dollar a year

Thank-you Steve from the human race
We have the grace to bless your soul
Although we’re mostly aware of disgrace
We celebrate the triumph of your role

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life in the City of Millionaires

Living life hot and cold in a land of no more money
Suffering  a slow poverty in shifts will never be fun
Living it down small-time in the Millionaire’s City
It means light rain so the lawns stay moist and pretty

To observe and report is a most sacred duty
Surveying life in the land of practiced privilege
The original home Tribe have left town long ago
The cost of living a lifestyle and keeping it down

As with San Francisco, most people must cross water
To work in a city where the workers cannot afford to live
The lush growth and vegetation of a temperate rainforest
Add glass and steel makes Capitalist prison for the poorest

Thank Goddess that high-speed net service is a basic right
Along with cappuccino and a typical day glow drug store tan
You can purchase a house if you pursue a deficit existence
History reminds, at this point, the usual action is resistance

Struggles for survival are developing new “Communerds”
Hyperactive Digital Maoists whose agenda is newly informed
By releasing critical information acquired in the cyber-realm
To shock monkey as they redistribute the common wealth

Until that day the rich will quietly lead their sparkling lives
As they peek at the eighty percent awaiting lottery love
Laws and positions taken remind the cops to do sacred duty
To repudiate poor people so unwelcome in a land of beauty

Poverty means ugliness and blight along the city streets
The pretty ones will always try to subjugate the meek
Here minimum wage is more than you can make per hour
A place where dumpster divers scrounge to find and scour
The city of millionaires is not without a soul or its salvation
Sixty percent of total income is not spent on my housing 
Those renters left gather together in regular ritual celebrations
Under the radar of credit guards who demand a demonstration

So collect all that is owed to you and increase all of your debts
This city will take you down if you can't come up with answers
You walk the seawall at no cost if you're wearing proper shoes
If wearing last years model then you must choose to sing blue

This city on the edge of the future has yet a foothold in reality
An Internet hub for crime and porno keeps hidden from sight
Super pods of dolphins and whale watching in the downtown
Cannot compensate for hunger when living in extreme poverty

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Were Promised Jet Packs

We were promised jet packs by prophets of the past
We were taught to live within the context of our caste

We were promised that Moon and the stars would be ours
We do as we please,  drive around in cars on monthly fees

We are told life is bold and we must keep it head
Not allowed to dread the cloud or ever wet the bed

We are consequences of our actions and dreams
As if the oil has peaked  and nothing’s what it seems

We’re told to buy more than we could want or need
Told to sell your soul from a place of uncritical greed

We will deny we are wrong as long as there are warrantees
We are bold and so cold and do you really need to bleed?

We swore to a premise of progress but disaster met our path
We stop trying and started crying in the face of the aftermath

We are parents of the possible of moments on a global stage
We are kids held hostage by fear and our critical political rage

We need to be sustainable and there's one thing we must do
We need to banish greed and teach children they must too

We learn the latest lessons to profit at the end of ways
Waiting for not hating to create a better time for days

We try to touch the highest tech while falling in the filth
We spend much time sucking before we turn to Dr. Phil

Children of the silicon age whose Father is an idiot box
Hoped change would end at flavour crystals and digital clocks

We watched media deconstruct all throughout the home
We wonder if change will rearrange parameters of the poem?

We were promised jet packs although wound on too tight
We know one day, coming
soon, wheel take off in flight

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Friday, May 21, 2010

bard on beat

I want to play for the folks of Hip Hop City
That town has many multiple views
I want to stay on in the soul of that City
Hip Hop City bring on birth of binary blues

When the Sun comes alive over Hip Hop City
None are sure about the brand new heat
No matter how hot it gets inside that City
Hip Hop City rhythms breaking a bard on beat

People are elemental inside the City
Phenomenological impact
The vegetation is green inside that City
Hip Hop City is kernel of a new contract

Decade dance in evidence within the City
Twenty years of X-Files our history
Fifty years is ancient studies in that City
Hip Hop City much more than sci-fi/mystery

Elements are evident throughout the City
Earth Air Fire and Water represent
Electric flowers spirit throughout that City
Hip Hop City ground zero for the imminent

Torch is past and new day arrives for the City
All eyes on awakening player
Southern Asia is at home in that City
Hip Hop City has a tasty global flavour

Mountains are not far from all parts of the City
Living outside from sea to the sky
Forests are cathedral/park shrines in that City
Hip Hop City offers good reasons why-to-try

Porous of poor live in the heart of the City
No surprise left in downtown eastside
Horror and tenderness in that part of that city
Hip Hop City has her urban eyes open wide

Children will forever inherit the City
Inspiring future to build itself
Expansion from West End east of that City
Hip Hop City has no back-up plans on the shelf

Millionaires and mendicants in the City
No space left for the once middle-class
The average price of a house in that City
Hip Hop City cash cost of life will kick your ass

Access to Earth a gift and right in the City
Gallons of green near the concrete sea
Lord Stanley of Cup made a gift to that City
Hip Hop City made a pledge keeping his land free

A council of electors govern the City
Progressively building on cool
Go online to pretty pictures of that City
Hip Hop City faith is found in text as a tool

Too many kids going hungry in the City
Single moms only trying to cope
Regional government cruel to that City
Hip Hop City often goes to bed without hope

On surface it may seem to be No Fun City
But underground life is authentic
Culture means adventure and strife in that City
Hip Hop City where the lucky ones have rented

You may come from ten times bigger than the City
Living here with Henry Moore’s Knufe Edge
Creates knowledge and afterglow in that City
Hip Hop City off the wire on the western ledge

The forces of fate will collide in the City
Time rebind us to the western lands
Karmic destiny is the duty of that City
Hip Hop City where your own fate is in your hands

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf
© 2010 A Head Of His Time Production

Friday, May 14, 2010

In the City of Angles...

Got on a wide body jet and blew into Los Anglees
Wanna see some Dr. Drew or maybe even Dr. Dre
What I did soon after arrival is made sure that I got paid
Got a motel off the Sunset Strip and after feasting got laid

Brought in two keys of hash and the city burst wide open
Some pressed Black Afghani and the locals thought it fine
Before arrival a new identity as my other one was broken
Practiced brand new sober attitude before I crossed the line

Second night in I fucked this girl from North Hollywood
She was ok but could only come after breaking local laws
Ended up at a party for some terrorists from Malucca
Great guys new to the city in town promoting their cause

Met a rock star who found me standing alone at that party
Took me to a private space so we could share some smoke
After we connected thought I would try on his philosophy
Took too many therapists before I got past his first joke

Our host showed off porcelain almost 2 meters high of
Michael Jackson, in his uniform, all dressed and ready to go
Impressive in delivery t'was in the artist’s intention as to why
No one would dare shatter this fragile dog and pony show

Met a stoned cold poet who spoke about “Enutions”
He would get really high and then talk about emotions
He spent the past years exiled black in old Amsterdama
Back in the city of night due to a light he saw inside Obama

Got heckled by a comedian at the Comedy Store
Tackled by a Canadian hockey hero coming out the door
Here's a girl to shake my world and leave me more aware
On Gin and Juice we danced the boulevard in our underware

In the land of too much if you find anything’s missing
You ask a local and no reasonable request will be denied
Even though your baggage may be well worth dissing
By the folks off Rodeo Drive who cannot be defied

Like Marlowe said, once you know your way around
Malibu is up and everything else is on the way down
Like a pool without a drain or San Diego without pain
Another angular city on a flat focal plane needing rain

The minimal unit of translation is a dollar everyone agrees
Before California your life was vague and out of place
SoCal unlike NoCal is about not doing what you please
A commute with twenty million cars within a finite space

The environment is failing as the smarter ones prepare to flee
The government is stalling as natural elements begin to ignite
The Earth is shifting beachfront bargains now are moving east
The fires do their best with scorching shivers through the night

In LA the angles present when nothing is left to lose
Beware of opportunities where an idiot demands you choose
This city gobbles newbies like Aussie's and Vegemite toast
So give me a dingle at my shingle when you hit the coast

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Feminism Feels Fine

My feminism is a factor of being a year older than “the pill”
My feminism is a lifetime of watching women and girls grow
My feminism is due to Joan Nemptin who set me straight
My feminism was supported by men’s group in the Nineties
My feminism was taught by honest people of all genders
My feminism is same sex marriage and gender self-destiny
My feminism is born of deep respect of feminine principles
My feminism was started by father who said, “women listen”
My feminism was mom beating scout leader on go-cart track
My feminism is wife who gives more than she needs or takes
My feminism is girl learning Tae Quan Do starting at age five
My feminism celebrates two commanders meeting in space
My feminism laughs and dances at festivals for peace
My feminism is in awe of a transformation taking place
My feminism mourns the fate of those women enslaved
My feminism demands economic independence for women
My feminism resists militarism to fight anyone anywhere
My feminism is politics is evolution and a spiritual revelation
My feminism and perceptions are my reward for living this life

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf