Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of Cannibals and Cannabis

Cannabis for this canine and what’s a dog to do
Cannibals and their war crimes, a self-inflicted stew
Cannabis deliver us from what we thought we knew
Cannabis and cannibals, there’s a message, here’s a clue

Cannabis conditions put too many folk in jails
Cannibals in prisons are the Japanese eating whales
Cannabis deliver us from soft wind in our sails
Cannabis and cannibals, here’s my story, hear my tales

Cannabis for Theists invoking new age attitude
Cannibals and capital accepting access to collude
Cannabis deliver us when both outright and rude
Cannabis and cannibals, am I kidding, am I crude?

Cannabis reproduction, you always hide your tracks
Cannibals insist you buy their drugs from off their racks
Cannabis deliver us from falling into crimes and cracks
Cannabis and cannibals, now just for fun - try to relax

Cannabis awareness making reefer madness wrong
Cannibals and history their revisionism strong
Cannabis deliver us through poetry and song
Cannabis and cannibals, lose the bottle, grab the bong

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf
© 2010 A Head Of His Time

Saturday, March 20, 2010

statement of intent

anarchy means no rulers above
no hierarchy running existance
revolution as the engine of love
a lifetime defined by resistance

anarchy  means consensus the goal
none more than another made true
better the parenting deeper the role
commune evolving and born to renew

anarchy means maintaining your will
so long as love is as deep as your day
come within one inch and yet I am still
malachi constant with fair rules of play

anarchy means experiencing light
not the socket, the bulb, or the juice
consensus anarchy day unto night
experience enemy of the excuse

anarchy means a ways to an end
less rich above means less poor below
awareness will lead to the start of a trend
amend to the truth what has started to grow

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Imagine: An Apple That Bytes Back, Part One

My Own Apple Story
I first used an Apple Macintosh computer on September 6th, 1984. It was my first day of school, at the University of Victoria, amd I ran into a gaming buddy after class. He suggested we go over town to his older brother’s office where he claimed he had something “really cool” to show me. The objects of his excitement were two of the first one-thousand Macintosh computers ever made. One was standard issue with 512k of RAM, the other was a “Fat” Mac with a full megabyte of RAM. (Laugh away children, but a single MB holds nore than a thousand pages of text...)

The First Personal Computer Worthy of Critique: Alan Kay
I was first struck by the elegant design, the separate keyboard, the cool handle at the top, and the portability of the unit. But the magic happened when I first heard that now so familiar chime when it turned on. It was as if, in a dream state, the older shaman were initiating me by revealing the ancient secret of their sacred mushroom cult. This strange, beautiful, object could be used to to do what, play games?

Do You Write or Paint?
His older brother, a SmallTalk programmer, began explaining the basics and I understood much of what he said, but not all. Years earlier, I had owned an Apple II (w/ 64Kb of RAM) and had used a variety of, mostly gaming, software. My friend’s older brother then posed the big no-brainer, saying they only had two applications so far, MacWrite and MacPaint, which was I. I sure wasn’t a painter, so I said writer and the die was cast.

Quality Assurance
The first thing that rocked my world was the end of jagged pixels of the bitmap. Here the words were crisp, lines onscreen were clean, the design brutally functional, and the experience was amazing. Needless to say, I quit attending University that Fall as there were no Macintosh computers then available on campus as the Mac Lab came a few years later. Instead, I went to work for my friend’s brother to hang out with Mac and became a corporate historian.

The Birth of the Digital Industry
With Macintosh, the software was easy to use and full of implications. The third software application I learned to use was a beta version of Aldus Pagemaker (v.0.99b) which came a couple of months before our first Laserwriter. Initially, we used an Imagewriter, a dot-matrix printer, to proof the practice comic books we made using a scanner, Pagemaker, MacWrite and MacPaint. By January 1985 we were creating newsletters for hip, local retailers and were praising Apple at every opportunity.

The Battle Of Windows
This is just before the nightmare years, or decades, of unrelenting incompatibility with Microsoft Windows. Around 1987-88, the Internet saved Apple computers from complete isolation. Instead of creating everything on one platform, the Internet allowed text and graphics files to be shared via standardized formats. We could write our scripts, draw our storyboards, compose, edit, and present our ideas via our Macintosh to the bean-counters and other suits that used Windows and I.B.M. By 1990, their were Windows versions of Adobe software (Photoshop) and even Pagemaker had created a PC version and once again things were made level out by the World Wide Web.

My InfoTech Experience
I first got online when I started at then Capilano College, now Capilano University, in the Fall of 1989, in a program called Applied Information Technology. The visionary that started the program was a photography teacher who, with a visual perspective, made Macintosh the default machine for the school lab and that made my choice easy. We learned about Hypertext, years before the web, video CODECS, Quicktime, sound editing, database, Hypercard, animation, and basic humanities (library arts, researching, critical thinking.)

You Are Only As Smart As Your OS Allows
I worked professionally with Macintosh until System 7, when I was forced to learn Windows ’95 as a criteria of my ongoing employment. I still used Mac at home for e-mail, Internet, and general tooling around. Then, in the year 2000, I went into  a period of semi-retirement pledging to use only Apple products and after ten years, the decade of OSX, I am pleased to say that I have gleefully done just that. Imagine my joy as I watched the Southern Magus (Mr. Steve Jobs) debut his latest game-changer, the iPad.

For more than thirty years now, Apple has delivered smarter, better, and friendlier products than all other technology companies combined and I have enjoyed every minute of the wild ride. The future feels more Apple than ever as I am quite certain that the gang from Cupertino, California, has a few more game-changers up their sleeve.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make Mine Delta-9

Weather is getting weird, but that’s just fine
Military called, your sister’s ship hit a mine
Boss says get to work, go make shit shine
Just make sure mine’s the sweet Delta-9

Makes me feel more put together
Helps me get past nasty weather
Lets me see in a different way
Inspires me to enjoy the day

You take a business trip and have to go across the line
Your boss hates complainers says all they do is whine
The cops said your kid will get off with a small fine
Allow me to recline with that smooth Delta-9

Makes me think a little more clearly
Helps me love a little more dearly
Lets me relax when I need relief
Brings the Sheriff’s office grief

Gold jumping several-hundred dollars is never a good sign
Life’s getting costly when you can’t afford a bottle of wine
You need to smoke the herb with a subtle taste of pine
I am primed to toke and dine if consuming Delta-9

Makes me love the culture surrounding
Helps us in a system so confounding
Lets me appreciate the gift divine
Find me down the line Delta-9

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Supplicant Reports

This post is dedicated to Evolver Vancouver, a group dedicated to higher consciousness, holding a gathering, The Future of Psychedelics, this coming weekend, March 10-21, @  45 West Studio located at 45 W. Hastings Street, between Carrall & Abbott Streets, use the alley entrance only, 18+ event. In honour of this event, which I plan to attend, I am publishing a poem written recently about my only DMT experience from ten years ago.

D.M.T. (a supplicant reports)

smoking the stone pipe to reach cascading rainbow hills
the journey transcends destination past veils of perception
exploding mythic fact spirit molecule eludes definition
stream teacher attends to help build your funky cabinet

memories release all ideas that any presence evokes
relying on the mind will emotion as proprioceptive
extending CNS now plugged directly into quantum fields
eternal mystery shifting tide of time beyond investigation

relief floods in knowing a most intimate secret of earth
tears reflect and capture sweet moments of numinosuity
the kingdom of heaven is found just beyond deep tissue
ever near that surprize of our real eyes capturing no prize

the existence of an other no longer alien or no thing
molecular relatives of carbon and chemical composition
outward perceptions rightly reoriented inward, honest
every walking temple refined through every relationship

walking stories searching for consensus collectively
each self contained exegesis containing the whole
fractured fractals existential evidence testifying in truth
frequent fliers of kilter making making matter mean most

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Betrayal From Inside the Imperial Guard

Dallas, alas, was just the beginning of a long term trend
Not just the ending of one life but the origin of a new terror
Somewhere a smoking gun from the original conspiracy
Back to the left meant forward to the right, majesty of might

Sales dropped for pillbox jats, pink fabrics, and open limos
Young men self-consciously tugging, their foreskins
Who murdered the man was an international hobby of sorts
Who did it, conspiracy itself became American expression

The need for oil had rapidly moved from marginal to absolute
Convergance of need meeting greed then planting seed
The base mechanism, once solid, had expanded too rapidly
Standard game mechanics longer handled the stress load

King Kennedy killed made a hole that could never be filled
A shadow cabinet, cloaked in death, delivered the next war
National Security became notorious secrecy and not safety
No longer of, by, or for the people but in direct opposition

Caretaker Presidents filling a hole, play a role for the residents
Nixon’s drug was jailing folk making health issues crimes
After Reagan, the  rapist was re-armed and renewed
Salient sections of  ally and enemy lay awaiting disposal

Bush began baiting the bear to beat on the breast of the beast
Obama inherits drama promises to do best for the leased, he's
Just a goldman filling sacks of wealthy with the lives of healthy
Caretaker Presidents filling a hole, play a role for the residents

Today, a generation lost in space has re-entered Earth’s orbit
History is now an individual story, whether fractal or friction
King Kennedy’s assassination left the left a tumble of trauma
A saddened legacy of Moon landings and Special Olympics

Nightmare on Elm street began in Dallas, bullets sprayed it out
The impact we are still feeling through years of fear itself
Seminal acts of global theater galvanized the audience
A chilling conclusion yet to be played out to it’s ultimate end

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Friday, March 12, 2010

Choose Your Name(s)

Some people are born with their names
While countless others have yet to choose
Some people are needing new brand names
As if they’re only born cursed to win or lose

Some people are born without any choice
Their name is the game they must learn to play
Some people choose not to utilize their voice
Until the few words spoken on their dying day

Choose your name and change your direction
Like switching off from classical flute to rap
Any massive monicker can take a terrible toll
The trick is authenticity in reality as the goal

So choose your name with care and grace
Be aware change is never the same as wanting
Both now and then effects your time and space
Change your name and the game is re-arranged

A name should attempt to reveal truth
Like a palimcest that blocks a thought
Likes a tattoo drawn hard on youth
Not an alias when trying to get caught

Ask my Velveeta, as smooth as her KD
Nazares tells me names have spiritual keys
Sherry D says the best things come in threes
Jesus Buddha Microchip will do as he please

So choose the name that’s intended to grow
Don’t cling to a name that snuffs out your flame
Don’t choke on life when it’s all meant to flow
Change your path and choose anew again

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Seasonal Haiku Cycle

Winter nest reveal
Traveling to warmer climes
That bird has now flown

Hint of Springtime bloom
An Olympian error
Games without the snow

Summer nation plays
Living life outside fulltime
Wheezing off the Sun

Fall valley fragrance
The scent of a sweet perfume
Cut with life on earth

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf