Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Trees of Clark Park

so like a hilly vondelpark in a’dam
wind swept tall, stationary and stoic
thickening  green ever grown so deep
the trees of clark park are survivors
a meeting of ancients, a gathering
in this city of post-modern dreams
where nothing can last so very long
their grand view spires over woodland
this council of elders sits, observing

squirrels are chasing tails and each other
some temporary residents stay for decades
trees taking note and reporting to ground
incidents and accidents in their park’s life
the child who stubbed a toe while wading
the junkie who fell asleep near the bus stop
the dogs, unleashed, stalking anything wild
landscapers working the grass and bushes
day time lovers obscured behind a willow

sonic city noise drifts over from the drive
like a harsh jazz up against simple folk songs
when darkness arrives park life is transformed
neighbours protect the trees in space and mind
these trees are sacred guardians of their rain forest
the forest offers only the balance of life and death
smooth hills transform plains of solar carpet colours
when sunset cuts the horizon with ultimate precision
the trees of clark park prepare one for transmigration

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Big Party Surprise

Welcome to Utopia (Pacifica)
This is a story about a big party thrown by politician/developers for their clients/friends. When the developer/politicians came up with the big party plan they promised it would cost the provincial taxpayers no more than half a billion dollars, tops. A token sum that promised a significant return if only the tax payers were patient and trusted in our betters.

Welcome to Our (Olympian) Nightmare
The party is now only days away and the cost has already risen past three billion, not including another 1.5 billion in projected security costs. The original promise seems more these days like a convenient political lie used to grease public opinion in the early days of planning the exploitation, pause, celebration...

Billions of Dollars Wasted
The local wags suggest that the money could have been better spent on housing the homeless or 1000 other vital social concerns during a time of budgetary restraint and unrestrained government clawbacks. The government has incurred a case of bad political/economic timing, or a perfect storm, when the post-party depression meets with a severe economic dip that occurs just after the celebration is scheduled to end. The party, which was supposed to pay for itself, now stands to lose billions and pay out countless millions more in lost opportunities in the future.

Is This A Public-Private Partnership?
Having successfully obligated the municipal, provincial, and federal taxpayer to spending the money, the developers did the most logical thing that a developer could do with the money. They built-up an older highway, penetrating deeper into a wilderness area, to serve the future needs of communities developers whenever they intend to build. They also extended Vancouver’s metropolitan subway (Skytrain) to the airport, and built a new Trade and Convention Center thereby opening the city ever wider to tourists and other visitors.

Investing in Their Friends
In the grand tradition of government paternalism, the current bunch have chosen to court public opinion by building infrastructure in the face of the electorate. In a time when the social agenda and concern about the environment are converging in the hearts and minds of the actual population, the developer-politicians continue to promote misanthropic and misogynistic views of dominion and domination over nature before people, profit above all.

A Social and Societal Shame
In the province with the highest rate of child poverty and the lowest minimum wage such fiscal extravagance should seal the fate of this type of  “government-by-ignorance” and would be tossed from office come next election. Not so much here in Pacifica, where political memory is about two months shorter than the tanning season.

Political Memory Easily Erased Here
Unfortunately for the population, the electorate have failed to promote the opposition three straight times thereby engendering all forms of corruption in the current government. All we can do now is sit back and wait for the post-party slump and the subsequent public inquiries and investigations that will prompt change in attitudes province-wide about spending so much money on a three-week binge. I am sure they think that if there is even a brief belief that the people should throw them out of office, that such a belief will undoubtably thaw the week before the next Provincial election.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf
© 2010 A Head of His Time

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Pattern Mapper

I am the pattern mapper and I percolate what’s planned
Another white rapper with a moralistic political stand
Afghanistan and Iraq neither glorious nor grand
A War of Drones, your killing done unmanned

Our leaders sitting on family thrones, in righteous crusade
Excited by weapons first made and then proudly displayed
Afraid that their hearts message is too dark to be replayed
Bad breeders, in lottery love, make sure the pipe gets laid

I am that pattern mapper who reflects on hidden trend
The discipline of Saturn, from the beginning to the end
To end inside Iraq and then to wish you could amend
We are all only actors in what messages we send

From high above clouds an interactive eye of death appears
Operators, safe back at base, are trained to shout no cheers
The fears within children did not grant them any extra years
Revised when folks back home become re-fueled by tears

I am the Pattern Mapper here to help connect the dots
I do my research proper to help connect your thoughts
My plots concerning church and state are filled with little shots
The system is for ones who swallow quickly, just before it clots

You’re sitting in the kitchen when you hear a distinct sound
You jump up when you hear it and try to find an underground
Your burial mound arrives when the bombing is profound

When terror comes in metric tons why measure by the pound?

Children of old father Avrahim hold a balagan of lies
A Hebrew, a Moslem, or a Christian cannot hope to realise
When apprised of our revulsion they're taken quite by surprise
Avrahim cannot help them, sitting next to the Lord of Flies

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

The Priests of the Pentagon

The priests of the Pentagon positioning power
Their terrifying tactics trained to topple any tower
Sounds a sad society, so psycho, sick, and sour
Cringing in his creepy-corner, he must cry and cower

The priests of the Pentagon profit with poor pay
Waiting and wasting they walk the western way
Seems society’s soul is too sad and sick to say
Dying to decode the date of detonation day

The priests of the Pentagon propagate the pain
Culling cold creation from cradle crimes to Cain
Not vanquished but vicious, and venal, and vain
No insight, so out-of-synch, incensed and so insane

The priests of the Pentagon are pissing in their pants
Rigid, righteous, racism will ramp up the routine rants
Old friends, and foes, fingering the foi gras in France
The terminal truth is terror torn from tragedy of trance

The priests of the Pentagon ponder what piece to pave
Waiting in wonderment for that washing wicked wave
Selling to the salesmen all the slogans they can save
Contact your creator about the contour of your cave

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Global Corporate Warlord Escapes Jail Time

 From a classified advertisement in the Washington Post: Global Corporate Warlord Erik Prince, having successfully murdered 17 Iraqi civilians, and having beat all charges in a U.S. court,  is now seeking additional Mistress Candidates and Sniveling Henchmen.

Only the most beautiful and ruthless need apply. Those ugly and those with any ruth at all will be pummeled and then tossed out on their ears. Mistress cannot exceed posted age and weight restrictions (see website). All Henchmen must provide their own weapons, carry the cost of personal transportation (mileage), and the cost of their bullets.

References required.