Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cops and Kings

You say I am attracted to that statement since redacted
Why a protest once enacted is not so easily retracted
You say I am addicted to those things that you restricted
Why the poorest are convicted from a process you predicted

That corporate feeds the biting hand to plant all holy seeds
Cops and Kings understand that even infants have their needs
Corporate feeds the lightening stand that streaks unholy speed
Cops and Kings understand that adults have their greed

You say it is outrageous that some people are contagious
Why it is you feel courageous while you lay around in cages
You say that once togethe the people superscede the weather
No matter whether dressed in lamb or robed in cheeky leather

Corporate feeds the government the hearts and minds of men
Cops and Kings understand the politricks of some distant then
Corporate feeds the government the sickness is found chilling
Cops and Kings understand their emptyness, God willing

You say market must accomodate the process of the candidate
Those who lost may hesitate but those who win won’t regulate
You say people have the power to go up against the tower
Why the people are so dour about their government gone sour

Government rarely contemplates on what effects it legislates
The cost of freedom escalates while everybody maturbates
The terrorists are in error if undressing her to bare’er
 With an emphasis on terror they will do their best to scare her

The girl will not quiver nor will she give up a single sliver
She will shake she will shiver but in the end she will deliver

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Cause for Celebration

Everything is Fine
Regular readers of this column, both of you, will know that I use this space as a forum to explore self-discovery and dissect any results. You will know that it is in my nature to examine the minutiae of my existance, perhaps in an effort to slow down the pace of modern life.

I feel, most often, a throwback to a different time and era when daily life was less stressful and the people of then had the time to learn, intimately and in detail, the life lessons dealt for their specific hand. I see the “life lessons” fly past me, unappreciated, unrecorded, at an unprecedented rate, but then I take a deep, grounding, breath and the moment passes, another flirtation with the pessimism of capitalism, and I am ready to re-examine and re-define myself yet again.

This version is, perhaps, the best version ever re-invented, if I say so, which I can and so do. Without a doubt, I am in the best health of this lifetime. Regular readers (rr) would know that I have struggled in engaging a series of health factors that have, lately, all fallen into place. As well, my living situation has settled into a comfortable one-bedroom, with the grand view of the city, at a reasonable cost. My transportation is now affordable, secure, and almost completely electric. These factors are all ongoing and the freedom represented is engaging.

This version of myself feels like I am coming off a five-minute (major) penalty but just out of the box I catch a lead pass from an alert defenseman and find myself in a breakaway staring down the goalie and past him, nothing but net. My goal is to use the web medium, to explore/exploit the potential of an interactive hypertext crossed with a MM-rpg/sns that I call Urban Gods. Only time, and my faithful readers, (are there three of you out there now?), will tell me if my project has that certain flair and flow.

In the meantime these are my words of celebration and liberation calling out to the oppressed everywhere that there is hope where hard work and diligence reward instinct with security and relative stability. This does not mean money only when there is enough money which, thank the Goddess, there is right now. But where security does not mean money or love or even time but rather knowing enough about life to accept death as nature’s knock of opportunity and to know that I am the door. In that knowledge there is strength in owning the result of living equal to your original promise and being your greatest expression.

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf