Monday, October 12, 2009

Charging Towards 2020

Two women in love and so will to be married
Defining love in ritual can never be a crime
They will stay together until the one is buried
Exponential love was just a measure of their time

Two men whose love demands they be wed
Inside their struggle is a lesson for our time
They'll be in tandem until one of them is dead
Exactly as it always was before it was a crime

Watch the cry and hew around fetus interrupt
With every child needing a loving, decent parent
The Christian method of re-population is corrupt
With any ancient fairy-tale corruption is inherent

Abuse of power must come as no surprise
From capitalist markets comes economic crime
Look into their eyes and see what they despise
Living in a darker tower, doing harder time

The nuclear family as a myth has exploded
Your four-colour reality is a multicultural fact
The secrets of society must quickly be decoded
The substance of sobriety encodes a daily tract

Adult-child of America, your vigilance recorded
The system as it crashes, victims on their knees
A unified perspective means diligence rewarded
Collectivise on continent, consensus in the trees

Using wide-area communication tools provided
The new emergence works to stream the flow
The people once united will never be divided
Dare, perchance, to wake from dream to know

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Federal Follies

Hidden Agenda’s in America? No Way!
Crypto-fascism is a term that suggests hidden, creeping fascist tendencies from any otherwise democratic entity. Recently in the United States, George W. Bush’s Patriot Act was a classic piece of crypto-fascist logic that neatly did away with some classic Constitutional rights, including Habeas Corpus. The Patriot Act was so thorough in it’s design that, given the right circumstances, the U.S. government now can effectively make any person disappear, forever, legally.

Made In Canada
Canada’s current federal government, lead by those jolly ranchers, The Controlatives, longing to implement legislation similar to Bush’s, now are asking for mandatory minimum prison sentences so they can justify private “for-profit” prisons, These blackguards are waiting for the moment when Canadians finally get truly fooled and reward them with a majority. This nightmare scenario looks possible right now with extremely weak leadership stemming from the two (English) opposition leaders Michael Ignatz and Jack Latent.

Hate The Players - Hate The Game
The Blabberalls and The Not Dumb Party (NDP) are the current whipping boys of the english-speaking electorate. But it is the left-of-center Screw-Canada Party of Quebec (SCP- je mes souviens) that simply makes a mockery, a parody, of the federal condition. (The (Light) Green Party, not really a factor having never won a seat, are really only green on top with the internal being more brown in colour and nature).

Canada Status Quo? Non, Merci!
The Screw-Canada Party of Quebec are a federal party committed to the destruction of the country and thus the actual federal system itself. This grieves the Blabberalls as they, like les ‘Habs, once had Quebec as their private hunting grounds. Since the Nineties, Quebecois having been unable to vote for independence have instead chosen to send a comedy act to Ottawa that celebrates the ridiculous even more by usually offering the most reasoned, thoughtful, and tempered analysis.

Pumping Irony
Canada’s greatest irony, in our current scenario, is that the party most fit to serve as the light to guide us from the darkness is organically committed to an overall deconstruction of the country. Currently the Government, the Controlative Party, aka Harper’s puppets, also want to deconstruct the country only to remake it out of the same cloth as George W. Bush used on his country. A crypto-fabric, btw, still widely available that is generally repudiated and condemned.

So with at least two forces trying to deconstruct the country from within, it stands to reason that Canada is in for some changes in the near, and distant, future. Knowing this makes it critical that we meet the challenge and enter into a form of ReConfederation with Canada, Quebec, the Provinces, and First Nations, meeting at the table as equal partners.

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf