Friday, August 28, 2009

Christian Supremacist

Recently Erik Prince, the millionaire with his own private army, Blackwater, who it has been charged murdered or arranged for the murder of two individuals who were, apparently, turning against Prince and company by talking with Federal forces.

If this little ditty helps keep the name in the glare of the publicity spotlight, way, in any case feel free to enjoy and forward it to your friends. (Note: according to Wikipedia, Erik Prince, himself an inheritor to a fortune, is married to an inheritor of the Amway fortune.)

Erik, Prince of Amway
Young Erik, Prince of Amway, was an unsettled man
Who believed his Saviour had settled on a holy plan
As he began killing Moslems he began to understand
The Lord’s work is dirty because the enemy is damned

Young Erik, Prince of Amway, was an assassin trained
Whose domestic covert actions cannot be contained
Whose pained instinct long ago integrated the ingrained
Who frightened Congress so they eventually complained

Young Erik, Prince of Amway, was born a wealthy man
Who liked to dress a certain way and sport a healthy tan
“I am Michaels’ flaming sword,” he began to understand
Whose warrior lifestyle became messier than was planned

Young Erik, Prince of Amway, was overwhelmed by strife
From his Great Dismal Swamp he leads a great, dismal life
He cheats upon himself when he offers up his beautiful wife
He's enjoys ideas of cruising a missile that falls like a knife

Young Erik, Prince of the American Way, is not quite done
An ugly stye in the public eye he couldn’t have much fun
Blackwater sent him backwaters where he was still the one
He was
fighting every war over again as if behind a gun

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Ignoratti

Marching jackboots proclaim they’re free
They figured killing Kennedy just ought to be
They de-story the left and leave bereft extended family
There are none quite as insane as far-right Ignoratti

Some’ll argue Al Quida or The Taliban are worse
Some lash out, in tongues, citing chapter’n verse
Truth is, all patriots are so by a curse
They will know this from deep inside the hearse

The Christian-right must crush their opposition
In clusters they cultivate hate in cold seduction
Such insanity is due to pharmecutical medication
They can't tell reduction
from base acceleration

Toys are what the boys in the Pentagon need
It’s a matter of security and never about greed
Rarely do the officers rape and share their seed
There are none so sad as men who never bleed

Forget the talking heads coughing up fickle facts
A matter of propaganda, some simple-simon hacks
Media ignoratti control the agenda in three acts
Think of what they’ll shell before it breaks their backs

Like a package act where you gotta take the dross
American accounting tries to hide the secret loss
Is the boss of my enemy the enemy of my boss?
In anger and confusion he climbs up on his cross

As American as ignorance is what Europeans state
We will take their money and we will not hesitate
A few bad leaders later and no one can calculate
Pay for all the damage done and then pay the freight

Ignoratti attempt to infiltrate every aspect of your life
From the kind of car you can drive to the type of wife
Over the event horizon that rocket falls just like a knife
It’s not so much an American Dream as American strife

Yet ignoratti get another chance with Judgement Day
They say redemption is the way of the good old U.S.A.
First Nations have a take on the events of that “final day”
Crack a book, take a trip, and learn about the Hopi Way

But hopeless cause wore ruby shoes and loved giant trees
Hopeless lifted loads and did not earn advanced degrees
Gay folks marry with more old-growth in park land freeze
The key is government not doing just as it may please

Ignoratti will someday like marriage or a lifetime end
The difference known only if you’ve been truly zenned
Mistakes can redeem and relationships can mend
Healing fear through feeling is not a new century trend

© 2009 Leigh R. Wolf

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Vancouver Grows: Big City Woes

Native Vancouverites Forced to Move!
Vancouver, B.C., the city of my birth is a city of deep contradictions between surface life and underground existence. Back in the Sixties, the city was relatively small with a metro population at about 500,000 and now, some fifty years on, the population is around 2,2 million. Social scientists suggest that when a city crests Two million souls that all bets are off and everything is now permitted. The chaos of gangsters, homelessness, heroin versus homegrown, guns, kidnapping, and all else that comprises any great metropolis you will find it here. More’s the pity...

Now, with the Winter Olympics of 2009, Vancouver is set for an explosion of publicity that will attract more tourism, investors from around the world, and prices will continue to rise in Canada’s most expensive city. Natives like my dear wife and I are hanging on by our fingernails and we both the the Games as the point from which we depart. It’s sad and sort of a societal sickness when older folk are forced to leave their virth place and be re-accomodated in cheaper digs. Perhaps the Island or the Sunshine Coast but where ever we roam it will never, truly, be our home.

Note: One of Vancouver’s original nicknames was the “Terminal City,” due to the City’s reputation as being the end-of-the-line for Prairie grain shipments arriving by rail.

Terminal City Blues
Two-point-too many people living for the city
Mountain tops meeting ocean side natural and pretty
But the tragedy of urban densification is far too real
The problem of isolation is that people forget to feel

They forget just who their neighbours are and what that means
The lose a sense of present tense when mashing up their scenes
Target those who dare oppose whilst then transcending genes
Their buy it from Premier Robot who drinks and then self-cleans

Two-point-too many people ;living here today
Poolside cappuccino why some classism won’t go away
The beauty alive upon the beaches can make a sunny day
Just make sure to avoid the leeches as you make your way

Making bread from living in their heads what does that say?
Staking threats against best heads even if it could never sway
A punk with her junk dreads forsake the message in one’s play
They ignore such a chore, call it a bore while they wail away

Two-point-too many people living in another’s dreams
Where nothing is simply what it says or what it seems
Where people come at you with a pocketful of memes
Booth-people reading dirty books splitting at the seams

Twenty-four hours in the automatic culture locates using GPS
Not enough brains to blow their nose or minds but I do digress
Subject to fines for losing and bruising coming from excess
The ocean kind are satisfied to sit back and just suck-cess

Two-point-too many young ones seeking
only their eternity
No way for any other faith with nowhere fit for them to flee
At this point in our progress can’t we just sit back and let it be?
As if a point is made, that war is over, with every voice set free

The city of dreams screams from inside a perfected box
Where any thing is open, 24 hours, everything except the locks
Where downtown is less architecture than boring building blocks
But trees in parks, the vegetation, astounds and crowd the docks

Two-point-too many people now in a fine and finite space
Where the water’s free except for members of the human race
Where the white man’s ways are neither wise nor but a trace
Of First Nations, who for over ten-thousand years lived in grace

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Drug War Understood

It’s about fascism, private prisons, and political prisoners...
Those people to the right of the political spectrum drink their relaxation and rarely will you find a pot smoker among the ardent far right. This is due to the fact that as soon as a right-wing type starts medicating with Cannabis they begin to change. Slowly but surely, and inevitably, they become left-wingers. Perhaps it is something contained within the drug itself, or possibly a result of our dualistic society, but that transformation alone is a good reason for Republicans to declare benign Cannabis the legal equivalent of killers like black tar Heroin and bathtub Speed.

Nixon the Nasty
Richard Milhouse Nixon was the Constantine of our modern age but hopefully the effects of his vision will not be with us for two-thousand years. In creating the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in 1972, Nixon had little interest in drug abuse, or controlling usage, but rather he was interested in jailing the left-wingers that smoked their relaxation. By 1972, pretty much everyone under thirty had smoked one or more joints and general consensus was that Cannabis was mostly benign. But Nixon had a different vision of the future where possessing Cannabis would be the criminal equivalent of possessing Speed, Cocaine, Heroin or any other “Schedule One Narcotic,” according to the U.S. Federal government. In Nixon’s warped and twisted mind Cannabis smokers were forever against Nixon and that their true crime was hating Nixon and his Presidency (1968-1974).

Down By Law
Originally, Cannabis was outlawed as a tool of racial domination where Blacks and Spanish speakers, both of whom used Cannabis, could be made criminal and thus more easily controlled. During the Sixties it become clear that millions of young people, young white people, smoked pot and most of these enjoyed "race" music, carried liberal values, and wanted peace. Nixon enjoyed none of this and, as with the Blacks and Spanish-speakers, he could now control, i.e., jail, his opponents by making a medicine used for 10,000 years the most unlawful of substances. It was brilliant in its simple effectiveness. By criminalizing these children of the middle classes, Nixon was able to mask political prisoners as “drug addicts” and “pushers” both of which had become buzz words in “the systematic demonizing of narcotics." (see W.S. Burroughs).

Birth of a Demon
Nixon’s vision was of an ever expanding DEA budget serving a nation filled with cops, snitches and millions of newly made criminals. He further saw a private prison system born corrupt and ready made for modern slavery in the form of for-hire prisoners. These prisons are owned and operated by private industry and Wall St. trades stock based on how many prisoners are languishing in their cells. In the U.S. there are 750,000 arrests for Cannabis every year. If only ten percent are really involved in “the protest movement” then that means 75,000 potential activists are being jailed and effectively silenced every year. That this happens year after year, in case after case, is both tragic and insane.

The U.S. (Drug) Empire Expands
After quieting down their domestic opposition, the American Republican Guard (ARG) graduated their philosophy into foreign policy and began to send the DEA overseas as “outreach” intelligence workers quietly communicating policy and power in more than 150 countries. The empire of the drug lords has never been greater nor has the use of drugs ever been more global. In Central and South America, U.S. power and aggression have resulted in decades of dictators haunting the recent past. Only now are more leaders like Castro beginning the emerge ready to confront the U.S. as needed and necessary.

Nixon Inspires W.
Nixon was a blight on not just his society where his most profound legacy, taking the U.S. off the Gold Standard, has meant a rapidly ballooning deficit and crushing debt that can never be paid, but also a lasting detrimental doctrine greatly effecting the world in general. Since Nixon’s “War on Drugs”, other ARG Presidents like Reagan and Bush have served loyally and without innovation but it wasn’t until George W. Bush arrived that the ARG understaood their Presidential lapdog was actually a pitbull. Bush revitalized the DEA creating Homeland Security under the Patriot Act which also effectively wiped out more Constitutional rights, some rights going back to Magna Carta. Bush then suspended U.S. obligations due the Geneva Convention and attached all federal social welfare funding through government-approved, right-wing, Christian charitable agencies thereby inegrating Church and State. Bush escalated the buedgets of the DEA, CIA, and the military in a way that would make Nixon proud but would make Eisenhower shudder.

"because it's not illegal if the President does it.."
Now, through real world lessons like Iran-Contra and CIA cocaine sold in Los Angeles we know that the federal government is involved in domestic distribution of unlawful drugs to fund various nihilistic scemes. Could this be mitigated by the fact that the very same government created laws making these drugs illegal? Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt! The “rule-of-law says “No.” and that governments especially must obey it's own laws, but thanks for playing.The threat to freedom of speech and the right to protest is very real now and these hard-fought rights must be protected by the courts. But in the U.S. the conservative core of the Supreme Court suggests two or three more decades of right-wing analysis and policy.

The "Beast of Revelation" is a Process Not a Person
So the institutional beast we are battling against is a multi=headed monster seemingly capable of growing new heads when crisis so invokes. Our weapons may be mightier than a sword but how do they stack up against the entire U.S. security infrastructure. The metaphor that comes to hand is of the bit of fluff hitting a car's windshield at sixty kmh but given the odds seem insurmountably we are cheered by such “potriots” as Ben Franklin and T. Jefferson, both of whom were growers of hemp, who in their spare time changed the world. Much of what is discussed in this article can be found, presented much better, in a documentary entitled, “The Union: The Business of Getting High” which is certainly the best informed film on the subject of Cannabis in British Columbia, my home province.

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf

Monday, August 3, 2009

Reflections on Golden Pondering

If we don’t show anyone, we’re free to write anything.: a ginsberg
The quote above, words of a Ginsberg, is a philosophy central to my current writing. Having been on television for a couple of years, mid-Nineties, I have had my share of so called fame and fortune. All fame really ever meant was an annoyance, like being interrupted as I was buying fish in a public market. Perhaps, like the Greta Garbo of old movie legend I simply want to be left alone.

Computers A, Finance F
As for fortune, my fortunes have been rocky at best. The longest sustained income I have ever had is my current government disability cheque. Money and I have never had a decent relationship, with money taking on the angry part of the jilted lover. In my heart I blame capitalism for my overall lack of interest in consumer objectification. Even though I have managed my Macintosh computer for more than twenty-five years, at a high cost, I have also managed to earn less than the poverty line for eighteen out of those twenty-five years.

Born Toulouse to Trek?
Is it my poetic nature or something more damaged. more sinister, in my story that illustrates a life of a capitalist failure? I have no savings, no debt, no credit cards, nor a single line of credit. I file for taxes to receive the government supplements for the poor but I do not currently pay any taxes nor have I for years. I have managed to secure a lifestyle for myself that suits my meagre needs and desires. My most expensive vice, other than my Cannabinoid medicines, is my high-speed Internet connection which costs me sixty dollars a month.

Fame Can Be Fatal
So I create under the magnificent delusion that I can write, and say, anything I want, or desire, or need to write and procure through keywords, my poetic meanderings to an audience of a select few. This is my great pleasure and comforting for any number of reasons including my complete lack of interest in public commentary, (I do not stop said input - I just do not read comments.) Also, as noted above, I have had more than my fifteen minutes and, given conditions on planet Earth, I think it’s time for everyone else to have their chance at the spotlight - although why one would want to I cannot imagine.

Limited Benefits (apply within)
Yes fame does grant you greater income potential and get you free things and better seats in restaurants but the cost in lost friendships and unavailable opportunities is really quite unacceptable. People often assume that fame and fortune go hand in hand but, in this capitalistic society, unless you are ready to swim with and get bit by sharks - don’t go in the ocean. The tragedy of our youngest generations is an attitude that both fame and fortune are entitlements of being born into the MTV universe.

Too Few Teachable Moments
I blame the narcissism of the 70’s Disco era, everyone can be a star, a proto-blotto philosophy of indulgence laced with crap cocaine. These are the parents of todays drones combining poor parenting with poor education. TV perpetuates this theme in an effort to dumb-down a society where one third of the population is politically and functionally illiterate. Yet Hollywood Boulevard beckons and in the Giant spotlights of the mind you are on the red carpet getting ready for your close-up. Cecil B. DeMille would have been shocked to see his concept of the star be so degraded and deflated by poseurs and other psycho killers.

Home of the Sarcastic Diatribe
So why do I publish these heat-seeking missives into the gaping maw of the Internet universe? It feeds me to believe that there is an intelligent audience for my words. It may be tiny, even tragic, right now but the hope is that the top ten percent of readers online might enjoy my sarcastic and sometime illuminating diatribes on sex, drugs, and everything hip-hop. In the meantime I can think and then write anything I want without benefit of annoyance or hindrance that comes with popularity. As long as I remain somewhat missing in action I can continue to send out a solid signal with less noise.

Pawnbroker Coupons Redeemed
In that spirit I make a dedication to improving my craft, to making my prose tighter and the ideas be better expressed. I pledge to rein in my poems so that only the most succinct and superlative are only ever offered. Finally, writing is an art in itself where thinking leads to therapy and serious self-analysis is customary. At fifty years I believe that the life observed deserves careful examination and in observing and examining my own life I try to recognize gem stones and I pass them along. If I have succeeded in delighting, igniting, or otherwise inciting your mind at any time then I have done what was intended and, after all, that is what it’s all about.

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf

Some Deadly Advice

might save your life...

If the war in Iraq is your final destination my advice is treason
If just to get the fuckers off your back there is no better reason
Depending on the climate, which is depending on the season
In Canada, in the winter time, be sure to keep your skis on

Avoid the Government at every cost for they will suck your bone
Your safety is in friends and numbers so be sure you’re not alone
The railway means a steady stream of rocking rebels on the phone
The best and worst of them are cursed to live in a Twilight Zone

Even minimal access to health care is too much drawing heat
You are not safe from a stranger’s eye walking down the street
The locals and the horsemen have your image on a sheet
It’s just another fuck-up factor of odds that you must beat

Do not trust for trust alone can send you home to jail
Be cold and bright, always polite, and you can never fail
Canadians assume that you’re a man just hunting tail
Keep it brief, play the fool, make it art and you will sail

The key to obfuscation is in hiding in plain sight
No matter what you do change it every day and night
City house or country house either is quite right
Better best of both worlds keep self out of the light

My old teachers, at Total-Ed, were mostly from Stanford and Yale
Draft dodgers healing young felons, boys and girls fresh from jail
Salaries pooled, children schooled, under a Golden Rule we set sail
The hearts and minds of teachers meant the children would not fail

The best thing that happened to Canada is 50,000 better men
They brought courage, they brought fight, and a homemade Zen
Carter’s amnesty was a free ride home, not if so much as when
Less than 400 took the bait and the rest stayed northern frozen

So come on up and stay a while until an amnesty’s in place
You cannot be legitimate but you can live without a trace
You may have run out of options with Commanders on your base
Remember there is an underground army ready to hear your case

© 2009 Leigh Richard Wolf