Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Year's Short Subjects

The Floor Lord
I am leigh of the land and the laird of lore
Try to understand why I am so cash poor
I won’t fight for you or in their bloody war
I’m either pie in the skies or flat on the floor

Socialism before Libertarianism before Anarchy.

We won’t be satisfied until we’re Terra-fried…
    : quoting O.C. Stiggs

Pilot (for a sitcom)
An ancient Chinese philosopher and an elderly Irish bard
Merging through their purgatory, play the comedy card
Both scarred by their tradition and ready to watch heads roll
In a land of exposition, and explosion, both have set the toll

The Rule
Public order is essential, as humans are an ugly mob
Without the law more people would kill, cheat, and rob…
Public schools serve us all, public order do they keep
If not for these your kids would kill you in your sleep…

Nuit is the darkness, the Inuit know her well.

Early Warning Signs
My OCD is rhyming and it ain’t never no bad sign
My specialty is timing out a longer length of rhyme
These lines of our times sound out sentinel chimes
Warning of mourning for our mostly seminal crimes

The cost to those lost and tossed is always hard
Camping out, of your mind, in the back yard
Asleep at the wheel while marking-up your steal
A feeling unrelated as you’re seeking out a better deal

The sign of hourly chaos has come ready to invoke
Like the last time out when the President misspoke
The yoke was all on him as the focus went unbroken
Smartest things he ever said were always left unspoken

Wherever there’s smoke you may soon see flames
No  matter of the scope or the dope on the games
The lines somewhat crooked but the rhymen is still fine
Natives are now watching for that early warning sign

© 2011 Leigh Richard Wolf

Short List of The City’s Greatest Swindlers and Poseurs:
1. Freddy Ceiling, the “legitimate” artist as tax write-off provides us this classic snapshot of a comfortable academic augmenting his situation using hubris, hyperbole, and the media as his main tools in establishing an international reputation.

2. Arturo Erocstein, the designer as appropriator means the kid who stole glances at your test paper back in grade school, is now taking credit for others design efforts. In laster years the name becomes a hallmark of indolence and shoddy planning.

3. Whea Panderella, local broadcaster, ex-Kitsilano High, reminds us that playing from both sides of the face in an acquired skillset in Vancouver. Known to abuse men, the bottle, credit cards, and the viewing public (which is why she is now relegated to basic cable).

4. Claudia Clearance, the annoying City Alderperson is a holdout from the Jurassic era who reminds us daily why dinosaurs are no longer among us. Her approach to the human condition suggests that she actually is, to be kind, inexperienced in the ways of her own soul’s humanity.

5. Mike Magillacutty-Sark, weather man as a nervous weasel whose publicity attributes “the weather” as belonging exclusively to he who says so. Such inane possessiveness, a passive-aggressive attitude, and his lack of “critical data,” further disqualify him from ever being appreciated by anyone in public.

6. Tall Whyteman, local TV news broadcaster that no one trusts or, apparently, watches. His physical resemblance to a national known serial-killer is purely coincidental and the likeness is uncanny. His big-city ways are weird to laid back, west-coasters.

7. Ion Ransom, head of Whyteman’s station’s (WYFO-TV) news department. After abandoning print, Ransom has made real money in the world of television news after figuring out how important it is that what’s fit to publish is critical.

8. Dr. Anne Q. Elk, head of Admissions and Publicity at the local Aquarium, aka the whale jail,  recently announced the trapping and capture of a dozen baby harbour seals for cruel experimentation purposes. When quizzed by reporters about the value and ethics of such a moral transgression Dr. Elk suggested journalists might, “take a flying f*ck at the Moon…”

9. Mervin Melmin, the Ixomathus, is also the oldest person living on the Shaughnessy Circle, and this year Melmin is that one media conglomerate owner whose casual, off-hand, comments become news headlines the very next day.

© 2011 Leigh Richard Wolf

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What the Nazis Knew Then

The Nazis believed that they were always doing good
They were doing everything that they should and could
They knew their ambition needed them to stay strong
They sang about this need in their most sacred song

The Nazis may have actually won the war
This war where destruction begins at the core
They swore they knew a special path to God
Then promoted certain colours in an act of fraud

The Nazis never really went that far away
It seems that America hides them to this day
They tasked their host to cast them in a purple haze
Then mask their past for later, stranger tasks and days

The Nazis knew they would win their war in the end
A social alliance where a new trend helps an old friend
Sending terrifying messages from beneath the frozen dirt
Planning social crimes that are scientifically meant to hurt

The Nazis understood that skies are blue
How people answer to fear as if on cue
Who separates a muzzle from the horse,
When the human race is right on course?

The Nazis ushered millions into the next life
Brother, sister, mother, father, husband and wife
Strife thus inflicted derives from the C-lick church
Hitler’s priest’s fetish was a supple branch of birch

The Nazis were our teachers in all out depravity
Hiding behind priests and the full effect of gravity
Church be searching out history to cover up the facts
The first book of oppression is found within their tracts

The Nazis were our patsies as we targeted their tactics
Once we had the Atom Bomb and too many automatics
We advance our positions in force-marketing democracy
We now have every policy reinforcing our demagoguery

The Nazis experimented on prisoners and the mentally ill
The Americans did the same routine just due north of Brazil
How they kidnap secret prisoners and exile with no trial
With no record of transport and no flight plan found to file

The Nazis are attending a President’s Inauguration
They watch his ascension with detached fascination
In advance of deadly crimes they are ready to commit
Wondering how it was they lost a war to this half-wit

The Nazis say it’s business as usual across the USA
To expand developing markets is the order of the day
The weight is so great that the USA can barely bare it
Their hate is so sensate that they live it and they share it

The Nazis find their victims among the lumbering left
They have a predilection leaving younger widows bereft
Kennedy’s and King’s and Palmé’s and Allendé’s wives
Like Emperors, in ancient times, destroying peoples lives

The Nazis have elected to go forward with democracy
As long as it has no effect they can justify such mockery
A factor of fickle fare in their overall mind and social control
The mood of the electorate will tell them just how far to roll

The Nazis feed us whole grain bread and 3Dimensional circus
They do this just as long as they can spindle, fold, and jerk us
Ask Abigail Hoffman as she Tweets from her homeless camp
Or too many teen girls begging their Moms for a tramp stamp

The Nazis are unforgiving considering their deadly resumé
They will, if and when they finally catch you, gut you and fillet
Their idea of compassion is to let you choose which bullet
But with a hangman’s lever they would never let you pull it

The Nazis are still planning on at least one thousand years
As long as they keep balance between your desires and fears
Pay all of your arrears and keep your nose away from the state
If you get on their radar, Goddess help you once they investigate

The Nazis have great plans for the second and third world
A dollar at a time until control’s revealed and flags unfurled
The whirled are slipping from grace as Middle Earth is now here
Feels like half the human race is still living in a city state of fear

The Nazis are mostly unwilling to let go of their intentions
Sixty-five years and no mega-war except for small exceptions
Such extensions must be approved by a very small group of voters
Who learned environmental lessons working for General Motors

The Nazis are afraid of the price they paid in building their elite
That too many Commie potheads are left walking on the street
There are too many clues from which to choose in the conspiracy
It cannot phase in these crazy days when working inside reality

The Nazis appear to be in loose control of the global situation
Their positive talk and image is ever that of ignoble inclination
Their future’s then a suture and all about being sown up tight
For as long as they have a reason they will not give up the fight

© 2011 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays

The Twelve Days of an American Christmas
Season's greetings to you and your family, gentle reader.

On the Twelfth day of an "American" Christmas, said country gave to thee...
Twelve more tattlers telling,
Eleven voters griping,
Ten Mexican drug lords,
Nine Christians condemning,
Eight Miss America’s mashing,
Seven bankers playing,
Six censured Senators,
Five Wikileaks,
Four blocks from ground zero,
Three sides of freedom fries,
Two political parties and
One Congress trapped by ideology

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Lore Than Lie

Had the high school high score
Exit through the back door
Drugs a’plenty was a choice
After that I found my voice
In middle teens I took my chance
I learned to drink, I learned to dance
When the lid came off a favourite place
I left that scene without a trace

Travellin shoes helped see the sights
Going blue on lonely SF nights
Always ready for a signal or sign
Cotton’s thready but hemp is fine
Amsterdamage impact on the Riviera
Black leather jackets and pink mascara
California, on my Malibu, spittin out 320
Living up the high life in the land of planty

Then home to hear a last request
“Get the bullshit off your chest”
Saturn returning my Mom’s bequest
As I simply layed her down to rest
Ten years later when my father died
His eyes were alert and open wide
A reason to celebrate under her skies
If feeling our feelings makes us wise

College and careering down several roads
Too many times carting too many loads
Steve Jobs put me back in time, to school
This time well-focussed and nobody’s fool
Quantum-ready and steady in my tracks
Never used the gates as I stayed with Max
Learned about tools and the mystery hacks
Learning all the time the lesson of the stacks

T’was harsh, abuse suffered as a child
That made me wanting and left me wild
Recovery took over thirty years of healing
The wife talks me down from the ceiling
She is my sweetheart and I’m her man
There is no other option or another plan
Once I became we there’s no turning back
No need for favours when the Sun turns black

Helped build some stuff, some products even sold
Never enough to earn a substantial sum of gold
I’m told it doesn’t matter, you are where you stand
I mourn for time wasted working up another plan
Action’s in the doing, not viewing scene-by-screen
It’s all about interaction, not what’s in between
Walking past primitive goals to work towards a prize
To operate the God-machine under heaven’s skies

Learned a song of interface in sixty-four bit time
Of Yin and Yang I sing and sang for dollar or for dime
Twenty-three by thirty-two and then divide by Pi
This machine, the software, can always get me high
Producer, contractor conductor, reader and writer
Painter, photographer, fantasist, and fighter
How the mind is operated by the system you use
And the intellect dulled just by trusting TV news

The Extropian dream may be well beyond my days
But not beyond perception or a long, hungry, gaze
In the realm of imagination the future fits the past
For all the players present are essential to the cast
What’s new is so fresh as to frighten those now old
Used to business based on what is bought and sold
The Internet, and virtual worlds, are relatively free
This upsets some older people but really tickles me

The imminent values of future are not about wealth
Or pride, and/or politics, and rising cost of health
The values of the future teaches everyone to share
The death of deprivation brings a freshness to the air
The greening of convention delivers us new awareness
As lifelong learning leads to more negotiating fairness
As expectations plunge history becomes permanent
And signs of the judge and jury returning are imminent

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vancouverland (revised lyrics)

You think you do but you don’t understand,
You’re living in shadows and you think it grand,
You slink by slow while your heart fires fanned
Welcome to Vancouverland!

A land of plenty with the mountains on-hand
Popular goods available on demand
Everything is open and little is banned
Snells alot like Vancouverland!

If the parks have trees and beaches have sand
If the girls are pretty and the boys are tanned
If the music is too loud and mostly canned
You must be living in Vancouverland!

Vancouver is a situation on a peninsula
Vancouver has no radiation and runs on electrical
Vancouver suffers speculation making rich criminals
Vancouver buffered waiting for wickedest wave to come

You think you do but you don’t understand,
Living in the shadows of the promised land,
People living green and the streets well planned,
This here is Vancouverland!

A land of excitement where riots are banned
Popular drugs available on demand
Everything’s open and the cops well-manned
Reels alot like Vancouverland!

If the girls kick ass and the boys eat sand
If girls have fleas say the boys in the band
If the music is too loud and globally panned
You must be living in Vancouverland!

Gimme a V, gimme an A, a gimme an N C O U V E R!
Gimme a V, gimme an A, a gimme an N C O U V E R!
What’ya got? What’ya got?
You got the prettiest little city you ever could really want
What’ye got?? What’ye got?? You got...
Vancouver, my hometown is called Vancouver...
Vancouver, Vancouver

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

For His Nibs: A Memorial

December 8th, 2010: Thirty years ago John Lennon was shot and killed in front of his house. We continue to mourn the tragedy of losing such a creative genius, loving partner and father.

T’was thirty uears ago today
Sgt. Pepper was killed in front of his wife
T’was thirty years ago today
Sgt. Pepper had access denied to his life

The Sargent and his wife-o
Loved a song and making people dance
The Sargent and his wife-o
Thought it wrong not giving peace a chance

Thirty years after the murder
Bitter feelings emerge, congealing the act
Thirty years after the murder
Still suffering back here, we conceal the fact

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Say You Love Me

Offering a pop confection from an unlikely source but the hand of satire knows not of boundaries or limitation... The complete song can be heard at:

be my lover, be my lover, baby
be my lover, say you love me
be my lover, be my lover, baby

Play me songs that tell me tale and tune of how it is
Let the fever go and show me that I’m feeling it now
Feeling low, I’m feeling sad becaise you are not here
Hold me baby, as you do now can you feel my fear?

be my lover, be my lover, baby
say you love me, say I love you too
be my lover, see my lover, baby

Ever since I walked down that road,
Ever since I walked into that hole
When I found you standing there
Holding onto a small piece of my soul

be my lover, be my lover, baby
say I love you, say you love me too
be my lover, see my lover, baby

As I walk along the road beside you I can see a light
As we pass through a darkness I know we can beat the night
Everything we know we brought back home together and true
When we bring it back and it comes right back inside of you
And you know you care, always count to raise a tear
No matter where you go you will always find it here

be my lover, be my lover, baby
say I love you, say you love me
be my lover, to my lover, baby
Be my lover, say you love me yeah

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Anti-Remembrance Day II

As I stated last year, I am against how this celebration has evolved from a day of honouring all those humans killed by warfare to the to a day of blind worship of war itself. It has been ten years now that Canada, my country, has been killing and dying in Afghanistan. and the fear that drove us to invade originally has actually increased over time.

My position is that any soldier, every soldier, has made a choice to be a soldier, chose to be in combat, and choose to use their weapon. The small child, dying from "collateral damage" has no choice but to suffer.

Afghanistan demands a planet stand
On guard, on demand, on the runway
Afghanistan does not quite understand
The economics of war and the gun way

Afghanistan commands our attention
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Afghanistan serves as an extension
Hard to pay back if you only borrow

Afghanistan, old Afghanistan
Woe unto to you Afghanistan
In no position to insist or demand
Want to know but don’t understand
An endless campaign not well planned
Woe unto to old Afghanistan

Afghanistan now a righteous reminder
Of the way that warfare imbalances roles
Afghanistan now that explosives defined her
A tale of illusion found in between poles

Afghanistan conquers by not really trying
As thousands of troops pour into that land
Afghanistan offers up death and the dying
The degradation of life in the palm of a hand

Afghanistan, old Afghanistan
Woe unto to you Afghanistan
In no position to insist or demand
Wants to know but just doesn’t understand
An endless campaign not very well planned
Woe unto to old Afghanistan

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Sunday, November 7, 2010

the way of the system...

System has promoted, hardcore encoded,
People have voted, our revolver reloaded

System has failed, heartily disgusted,
Innocence jailed, people once trusted

System subjective, subsequently deflected,
Subject to directive, diabolically directed

System hedonistic then barometric changes,
Suddenly pessimistic, completely rearranges

System symptomatic,still with it’s adherents,
Enraged and emphatic, rotting in appearance,

System patriarchal has little left for giving,
Lost it’s shiny sparkle if you struggle for a living

System crash is near, take it as it comes,
The other skin feels fear so listen for the drums

System seems so alien so play it as it lays,
we who are mammalian see ways to better days

System is trancemagic
Fascistic and fantastic
Delicious and dramatic
Religious and fanatic

System is says sages, outrageous, contagious, in stages, lost wages in cages…

System transcending, pretending, comprehending, ever bending, soon ending...

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Half-Truth Blues

If I ever possessed one million dollars
It would cost two billion to take a shit
If I ever had my own number one single
Everyone else would have had their hit

If I possessed those natural good looks
Strong chiselled jaw and the perfect hair
The odds would then favour readers of books
Other objects of desire that remained unaware

If we sought to completely empty the mind
It would naturally fill with an essential clatter
As if “sucks to be you” was just cruel to be kind
As the manager went with a different batter

If a tryst that was missed is so easily passed
Whether both sides either blessed or cursed
In seeking to ignore those lessons that last
Why lessons of the past need to be rehearsed

If the old, and the new, are constant reminder
Mistakes that we make displace us like rain
Story of a woman is that no man defines her
Any hole in her heart is now born of her brain

If legacy of half-truths and lies defies the facts
Then power that corrupts us all is absolutely real
As we cower in shadows and hide behind our Macs
The hour that commands us reminds us all to feel

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

On Becoming

Becoming the person I was meant to be
Means dominant dog set completely free
Means radical rant stem from inside of me

Becoming the person I was meant to be
Means travelling the world from sea to sea
Means unravelling the past so I don’t flee

Becoming the person I was meant to be
Means creating a world that I want to see
Means serving people with a desperate plea

Becoming the person I was meant to be
Means seeking the source that holds the key
Means solacing the soul that climbs the tree

Becoming the person I was meant to be
Means searching inside comes with it’s fee
Means processing progress while avoiding T.V.

Becoming the person I was meant to be
Means searching the soul from sourcing a need
Means bending the will until boundaries bleed

Becoming the person I was meant to be
Means learning the hard lessons one at a time
Means one mistake after another down the line

Becoming this person I was meant to be
Means everything that is unknown to me
Means all things ever known and will ever be

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christians and Moslems and Jews, oh my!

These three Monotheistics are grotesquely intertwined
One is ashamed, one is enflamed, and one left undefined
Their word from God is rarely on but always being heard
He speaks to shame, poor medicine where none are cured

Three Monolithic opinions leave the rest of us few options
They operate, and venerate, through lies and cold duplicity
Building on conversion rates with birthrights and adoptions
They dominate, and legislate, with their localized electricity

When they navigate they eliminate and don’t like to negotiate
Bibles are law in many lands with public money in private hands
They operate so as to isolate until they fear you won’t co-operate
Sacred laws can hide away flaws and help support illicit plans

People don’t grow on trees allowed to do anything they please
Supernatural tales of folks inside of whales always gives us concern
Why these things come in threes and are always covered in cheese
Sit back and take a few tokes and soon enough you start to learn

Lions and Tigers and Bears live their wilderness lives mostly unawares
When not being dominated by the strictures of man, animals understand
Climbing ladders, falling down stairs, a leadership class that often shares
Eliminated by the ever-present hand, animals are victim of the planned

Christians and Moslems and Jews are limiting your right to choose
If more than one God your religion is flawed and thus your word is drek
No matter what it is you want to lose this unholy Trio will bury any clues
If you fight their fraud they’ll think you’re odd and send your soul to heck

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Thoughts and Retractions

Moslems are responsible for 9/11
In the same sense that Christians
are responsible for the holocaust! 

Between psychotic and patriotic there’s a very thin, grey line…

That Moment…
In the cold breaking dawn the Earth began to tremble in a terrible, dynamic, event that changed everything forever. Subtle waves at first and then a tangible shift in momentum as the Earth began to shake with a violence unknown in recent history. Not since the fabled, ill-fated, drowning of Atlantis had such an extreme occurrence devastated surrounding regions, and negatively impacting the nearby continents, which stood now half-destroyed, awaiting repairs that will never come. 

Rhymes W/ Species
Calling on spectral ancestors, learning more about how to reveal
 All ideas are subjective simplots of inner missions brought to life
Learning to love mean finally, authentically, learning how to feel
Bless those eternally wiser skies that ever advised our valley clear

Born blocks away from an ocean’s edge, port city taught about life
Spilling over with treasures and her share of sad measures, please
Had the sensual pleasures and suffered the typical bursts of strife
Met three different Prime Ministers, all born to lie from the knees

Experience gained throughout the healing has made me more alive
I’ve always attempted to be authentic, I just didn’t know how to feel
Mom married my Dad only once, but my father had to have his five
Taught to pump out a cold winter brew until I caught a plan to heal

What does this teach a human being trying to make their own way?
After fifty years, you accept that gears must shift to make for flow
Intention connects emotion - in effect that’s how this game is played
As long as breath and blood exist, you’re ready-set, psyched, to know

Do you like pop sounds, are you warming up to the next surprise?
From me you will see few favours and I not tell you too many lies
The truth of evidence clearly indicates that existence has no equal
We would all appreciate more years even if we’re sold on a sequel

Planning to peak at a point past fifty reveals a long-term plan
The Coyote-Raven-Trickster deity offers BC-Boy another new role
People, planet, and Web colliding is what I learned to understand
Instead here I am performing on-stage trading on bits of my soul

My OCD shows that I’m primed to rhyme as long as I sense a beat
With compunction and compulsion couplets chiming down the line
It’s my connection to reality that sustains my network on the street
Western government preparing for more war is never a good sign

Here’s a tale of surviving war and a new set of brand expectations
Some jokes about the money supply and learning to speak Chinese
Chapel perilous looms ahead despite your advancing hesitations
Tag me as a friend of humans who have come down from the trees

Since Hendrix died, I have tried to live a life that is self-compliant
Forty years of both smiles and fears erecting bridges and walls
Mantra of generation blank verse to make art and life self-reliant
Shifting gears can bury the tears if you trade for beers and balls

A future unlike anything I or, you or, anyone could or can stream
A century becomes a decade, then a year, then an hour, in a minute
Compression keeps rhythms reflective and something you can dream
Don’t scream at your new brand life just to tell yourself you’re init

As a punk I was totally drunk on my own raw power before I learned
That power and people do not work unless you operate as a collective
Within a corporate structure I always felt that I got badly burned
Premise and promise of power never fit within my own perspective

I wanted to make a living knowing I would never make a killing
Tales of crazy corporate cannibals sent me running back to school
Teaching was intellectually rewarding but not so terribly thrilling
Now I preach of the Pagan Gods hoping they see more than a fool

Your remarkable journey begins and ends within a single wheel
The core of your invention is the home and heart you hope to heal
A distance you navigate in relation to the degree you have awoken
The depth of your intention creates the gateways you always open

Circumference of the circle is relative to everyone’s Karmic history
Like fingerprints and snowflakes no one alike can ever be the same
Infinity is a very, very long time and so the end remains a mystery
Any final score doesn’t matter as much as how you played your game

Did you live life within honour and basic respect for the humanimal?
Did you help those less fortunate improve their lot using your skills?
Did you eat and drink all day and night as if living inside a Carnival?
Do you employ a natural healing or depend on over-prescribed pills?

Did you sip on a Starbucks latté critiquing the ugly fate of the poor?
Did you balance the investments so that others lost a little bit more?
Did you reject folks on the street to protest the insane greed of war?
Do you even suspect you are loathsome right down inside your core?

The values of life cannot be suppressed by politics nor man’s power
Achievements through centuries testify to humanities refinement
No matter the more you work the more you lose by day and by hour
Learning to play within the vibration of gravities enlightenment

The mystery of mind-body-love correlation is found inside, not out
Key to solving human refraction is in psychedelic neuroprocessing
Hysteria surrounding inner exploration means to cause you doubt
Intention of alchemical integration to subvert central programming

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Rubber Bullet Ballet

As if dancing in slow motion, twisting in the wind
Marionettes with invisible strings pulled carelessly
If pain is to punish, how have these children sinned
On the barricades they meet you head-on fearlessly

The hits keep stinging,  the kids keep on bringing
Like a bee-sting with a whale’s bone still attached
The church bells ringing, the kids keep on singing
Like a rat-thing on your eye-phone that matched

A bit-rate keep growing and new seeds need sowing
Like a real thing that moves you towards simulation
The bankless are owing and resentment is growing
Like a sealed ring that keeps in fluid of transmission

Youth becomes aware, society must take great care
Like a black leather jacket and the passion for flight
As if on a dare, altitude and height produce rare air
Like a yellow-skinned village being bombed at night

Flip back and groove on that other space and time
When the cost of reconciliation was a riddle in the rhyme
When the toast of rhythm nation was innocent of a crime
A preternatural intelligence that crawled up from the slime

Generation’s ordeal to feel their presence on the wheel
Like the reassurance of not using their nuclear deterrents
On the chance that another country will ask them to deal
To claim inheritance, only used twice, by the grandparents

The next few years should reduce us to tears
Like a bond between silence and cosmic vibration
Sounds of gears shift as we blow past our last fears
Common ground, fought and found, as a sound sensation

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

R&R #3: The Great Banksy Robbery

Art Is The Lie That Reveals a Truth…
                                        : (attributed to) Mozart

In one of the greatest screen debuts in recent cinema history, the noted street artist slash anarchist Banksy has released his first film, a feature-length documentary called, “Exit Through The Gift Shop.”  The film, directed, written, and produced by the noted Neoist Banksy, is a brilliant look into the history of street art/stencil art but it also an amazing commentary on our times, on the nature of art, the value of an idea, within the structure of the beginning, middle, and end of a art movement. All of this wrapped in the greatest grift-movie since The Sting, the neo-con here is about how the audience must keep their wits whilst watching this event. As the story unfolds, certain questions begin to form in your mind like, “did this actually happen?” and “ what just happened?” are among the comments I overheard shortly after the film ended.

Banksy has done the near impossible. He has crafted a film that is part oral history, part memoir, part con job, and completely worthy of all appreciation offered. With this film, he has pulled back the curtain of the art world to reveal the role of ego and money found in the mix. It is in the corruption of the “street art” movement that is documented and since Banksy was/is a leader of the movement and a major talent as this film so aptly demonstrates. In parts outrageous, hilarious, dangerous, and an effective cure for anyone suffering from a post-modern hangover. 

This is protest and commentary at its best as Banksy, aided by another now damous street artist Shephard Fairey, manages to pull the wool up to the last frame and beyond the film for the true believers. Is it rue and does it really matter. Whether or not an eleaborate prank, Exit Through The Gift Shop makes for a great film. Other writers have suggested the film is an overblown bit of egofeed perpetrated by a couple of nwo-vaudvillians. That too may be true but the lasting effect is to watch a genuine movement rise and fall during an age of massively marketable multimedia and Banksy sculptures regularily get $500,000 at auction. According to Banksy, in a recent interview, the (scam) artist known as Mr. Brainwash can now fetch twice that amount at auction. We are indeed living through interesting times.

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Too Broke To Toke

Down to dollars in pocket change
The rent and food took all my money
Cannot afford this, my home on the range
This financial crisis is not very funny

My reputation as the stone now put at risk
The price of the medicine is set too high
Sales of the product are unusually brisk
Too many people simply trying to get by

Without relief the world is too straight
Majors and criminals make all the rules
Within their belief they struggle to relate
Jerkoffs and Generals stroking their tools

Too tired to fight and too broke to toke
Ready to wash away trouble with smoke
Good folks made criminal as a nasty joke
Powers that be and the pain they invoke

Price controls for pot now set artificially high
Dealers depend on law to establish a price
Drugs are always bad is governments reply
So medicate with alcohol and every other vice

Legal pharmaceutical  lobby must have their way
Paying off the politicians never comes cheap
Imagine every person losing 20% of their pay
Cost of doing business with cartels is ever steep

Such a miracle of nature is a gift from the Mother
Like microbes and mushrooms just part of our path
You can live life out in the world or go undercover
Results are entirely up to you if you do the math

Too tired to fight and too broke to toke
Ready to wash away my trouble with smoke
Good folks made into criminals is a truly nasty joke
The pains that exist and the powers they invoke

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Let Me First Introduce You To The Thirst

Just want to make a living
Concentrate on love and giving
Generous with my time and billing
I don’t need to make a killing

If you’re n for a penny, then you’re in for a chilling
Seems that processing progress is over, God willing
As for over-consumption the gumption is going
As a function of physics is growing the knowing

The greatest of our works is in all ways before us
Now taking the lead having come from the chorus
Don’t bore us at all with your knowledge of waste
By using your mouth to display your good taste

If you want me to speak, you’re playing with fire
The best-before date on my voice is set to expire
Off the wire, I’m free to roam within a certain range
Think I’ll go and visit my old friend Bebe LaStrange

The greening of America is enough to amuse me
The preening of the show birds is set-up to abuse me
Don’t use me and then tell me that all sales are final
Don’t limit, try and sell me downloadables on vinyl

The excess of success has horrified the working masses
Selling anything to anyone for access to backstage passes
The cold and crass are mortified by any showing of emotion
Over-sold on ass, that the qualified do it all without a notion

With creation, let your limits become your starting point
Downward emanations only help prepare you to anoint
Smoke a joint, let the lavish flow of feelings fast and free
No explanation needed when dealing with the likes of me

Just sit back, at your comfort, and be quietly offended
Saying these words out-loud now as originally intended
Suddenly I’ve descended and you’re simply over-extended
I am no thing if not ever ready and presently attended

Not yet in suspenders or ever completely comprehended
Then comes your apprehension which stands you unattended
Barely reinvented yet rapidly spreading diabolical dissension
Until suspension requires a full release of imagination’s tension

I am my suspicions run rampant with ambitions
The injection is piercing the source of my forced mind
Rejection of the amended was kind to those intentioned
Unable to transcend the typical course was aforementioned

I owe fealty to a northern kind and to all of her sisters
I deal in hard reality, the kind that brings on blisters
Smoking my testers, so begins the tail for the misters
Mostly mind disasters, mixing dinosaurs with twisters

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Back In The Day

Back in the mid-late Nineteen-Hundreds
We never wondered why without cause
Hacking into the perilous future
The process of progress reveals our flaws

In a previous century humanity left a mark
That cars left scars was never in great doubt
The lack of oil prompted the first original spark
Night-time stars burn themselves inside out

The first wave hit us with elemental energy
Air, Earth, Fire, Water together could produce
Clean, renewable, power from a holy synergy
Endless carbon waste would now reduce

Second wave brought it home at a personal cost
"Everything you know is wrong," said a voice inside
We began to sing a sacred song to integrate the lost
Next to you the ones you love most are by your side

The valley throat-sings a celebration of passion
The mountains surrounding beatbox her song
The predator race that no longer can cash-in
Having lived in the recent past going gone wrong

Who could anticipate the rise in the power of she
Force born inside now dedicated to a total change
Grew strong from a new understaning born in he
Third wave from birth to grave process can derange

Looking back upon the past gives the cause to paws
Children born of nature know that she brings the wave
Humanity is more than fine when creating art and laws
Without sustainable goals and roles - nothing left to pave

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Angst

One Liners Department…
Oozing out from beneath the slime, comes our times…
Porklips, a sure sign of the impending swine-age…
Is it really political satire if you cannot sense difference…
A logical disconnect from the “supernatural” religions…
Who base laws and philosophies on tribal superstitions…

Q: Why poorer nations on earth suffer perpetual crisis?
A: Third world debt accumulates at first world prices!!!

“Nothing costs more than what you don’t pay for…” 
W.S. Burroughs

It’s not like most folk live surrounded by riches,
No doubt, we’re all crawling up from ditches
Not unlike those other poor, stone cold, sons of bitches
Bursting out of stitches because we scratched what itches

Iraq Update
Last Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, the war in Iraq, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” was officially declared over the U.S. State Department. One official declared the contest, “a clear win for America and a tie for the Iraqi people.”

“Yes Fred, it was a great day for the American forces as they drove over the Iraq/Kuwait border to the adoring cries of few to none. The streets were essentially deserted as the last U.S. combat brigade made its way out of Iraq signalling the official end of the liberation effort to free the Iraqi people from such necessities as soap, antibiotics, cooking oil, and clean water. Said a spokesman for the Pentagon, Colonel Rufus “Whirly” Ostermeyer, “We did a good thing for the American people. Hell, in the past seven years we have exploded enough ordinance to keep at least half the States in near steady employment. Barney in the S&S said that we dropped half the total tonnage used in Vietnam, in one year, on top of Bagdad that one night!”

Afghanistan Update
Try to understand the story of war in Afghanistan
After Mongols invaded Afghani people hatched a plan
History instructs that Afghans invented counter-insurgency
They then made for the Mongols both crisis and emergency

Culture and civilization stem from Iran and Afghanistan
Where we first put the pieces of modern life together
Why is it both of these nations have suffered a stand
From closeted Americans with a thing for heavy leather

It’s been the same story for Three Thousand years
It always been a story of epic suffering and tears
You want to claim glory and actually beat the Gods
Best avoid Afghanistant which carries terrible odds

To Wake and Bake
Wakey-Bakey with that wacky tobaccy
Was depressed, just trying to get happy
Inactive of late, so I’ve taken to my bed
Can’t seem to get that sad song out of my head

Crazy, hazy, daze that bear no repeating
Sad to say, any excuse becomes defeating
Money is empty and most of fun is fleeting
How you get by so depends upon your seating

Wackey-tobackey is the medicine of my life
A fucked-up society and a tolerant wife
My simple heartache has not gone far away
Yet, here I am smoking two grams a day

Another garage band, middle-age music fan
Trying to change the world with their toonz
Another disabled man without a master plan
Trying to wrestle some truth from the ruins

Elegy for Angela, Who Was Murdered
Angela, you deserved better
Than the world would ever offer
Angela, laying back on her decliner
Wherever you are, you have your honor

Angela, you had special needs
Before society knew what that meant
Angela, for wicked fate my heart bleeds
You took on life and living with a singular bent

Angela, chose the hardest path of existance
Whose wonky eye would get her constantly picked on
On the downtown eastside she set up a camp of resistance
Then she fell under the deadly eye of Farmer Robert Picton

Angela, there’s a peace in death you never knew in life
This life was short but not so sweet either woman or girl
The next visit you make you might be a husband or a wife
Angela, you were much to soft to surivive in such a world

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oji Had a Crazy Dream

Oji had a crazy dream to set the entire world on fire
Oji had to scream whenever one of his compatriots retired
Oji had no idea of how and why they had conspired
Oji had to cream things playing the wicked and the wired

Oji had a problem posed for those in the wicked west
Oji had his victim planned would describes it best
Oji had an attitude that would not pass the acid test
Oji had it made and made him mad to face his quest

Oji had a vision filled with virgins and delight
Oji had permission changing people’s day into night
Oji had his fission hidden on a mission to maim the might
Oju had to battle his desire to run far from the fight

Oji had an urgency, destroy them all and then the rest
Oji had twenty-pound of explosive strapped onto his chest
Oji had his reasons for wearing a deadly ball-bearing vest
He had watched entire families die and since has had no rest

Oji had no excuses left but to walk among the disbelievers
Oji had left notice that his cousins be his soul’s receivers
Oji had been programmed by the lies of arrogant deceivers
Oji had killed with his heart those cruel christian conceivers

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

What Freedom Is and Is Not

Today, Wednesday August 18th, 2010, the war in Iraq, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” is officially declared over said the U.S. State Department. One official declared the contest, “a clear win for America and a tie for the Iraqi people.”

Freedom is not an African-American President and
Freedom is not even a future female President and
Freedom is not the struggle to balance eternal forces
Freedom is in your ability to really learn from courses

Freedom once meant that shackles and chains be released
Freedom meant the lifespan of people sharply increased
Freedom is always a two-edged sword that cuts both ways
Freedom is finally speaking your mind before the end of days

Freedom for the first and last is a noble frame of mind
Freedom for a mass of humans and the best of human-kind
Freedom can mean deadly words ever spoken half in jest
Freedom can mean burning the map after you find the chest

Freedom is a two-bit word for losing your right to care
Freedom is a concept of which most are truly unaware
Freedom comes in degrees and is relentless in gaining traction
Freedom is a call for not supporting the endless over-reaction

Freedom is a two-fer one where that for them is said for you
Freedom is obliterated with harmful concepts like church or zoo
Freedom is any bird, fish or mammal not locked away in a cage
Freedom is encouraging every one to feel and heal their rage

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Movie R&R #2

Movie Reconnaissance and Roundup
The latest, the baddest, the broadest, the forecast on feature films.

I know now that the greatest legacy I leave behind, for my God-Daughter and others, will not be the volumes of words, or the art works, or even any of my personal possessions. The greatest legacy I could leave will be a collection of feature films on disk. (I transfer all of my DVD’s onto a hard disk as a performance issue providing smoother playback onto one of two One-Terrabyte drives.)

When I originally bought a Five Hundred Gigabyte drive I though I would be set. But then, suddenly one afternoon, I had the idea of having access to as many titles as possible at any given moment. Soon after, I realized I was a movie hoarder who would never know an end to his need for collecting movies. What at first was an interest soon became a minor obsession. Nothing goes to waste as I enjoy repeat performances almost as much as the initial viewing and in the case of complex plots I get more from second and third viewings.

Like every other collector out there, I like to think I collect only good or great movies and if it is a bad movie then it is a good or great bad movie. Having watched a few hundred MST3K episodes, I can testify that there are bad movies out there that stink so high they could peel a fresh coat of paint off your family room wall. This kind of drek are, sometimes, unforgivable films made by terribly compromised directors, apparently working from a script, with, or without, a crew that secretly worked to destroy the project from day one financed by angry investors.

Unfortunately, the above mentioned scenario is more common than understood until you realize that so many movies, foreign and domestic, are released every day. Thanks to Internet, awareness of movies has never been more scrutinized and thanks to technology films are getting easier to make. This is a coin where both sides suggest that more and more films will be made, over the next decade, and fewer and fewer will actually be worth watching.

But, having been a movie maniac for over thirty years, I can assure you that the vast majority of films mentioned here, in a positive light, will deserve at least a single viewing. Lately, I have enjoyed Centurion, The Losers, Inception (a must see, more than twice), Dinner with Schmucks, Despicable Me, and that’s about it. This summer has to rate up there among the worst summers for movies, blockbusters or otherwise, since the mid-late Seventies. Not since the summer of Jaws 4 have we seen such a poor showing on display. The repeats, mostly third versions, uniformly sucked and those novel offerings like Salt or The Sorcerers Apprentice were mushy-mealy congloption  of retread ideas that carried little weight.

For my dollar, the best movie of this past summer season was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Of all the movies I have seen this past summer only one has scored an out of the park home run. I was cheering in my seat when our heroine, the girl with said tattoo, triumphed over the bad guys (Nazis!). Interestingly, the film was neither made nor released this Summer. That there are two more films in this trilogy is comforting reassurance that fine films are being all the time. The challenge is to wade through the crap to discover those pearls and this I pledge to do for my readership.

© 2010 Advice-For-Young-People
© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apocalypse 2010

August.17. 2010
Beat Liberation Technologies (BLT) First Audio Event
BLT studies the sacred writings and recordings of an era of madness when stories of war, and rumours of war, toasted and tested people’s perceptions on a regular basis. The Spirit Guides of BLT (Burroughs, Ginsburg, etcetera) remain the greatest source of inspiration for the first post punk-rock generation that arose from their ashes. In a grim celebration of singular death-wish motivations cloaked in rituals of greed, casual brutality and isolationist desolation BLT present a case for synergy between spoken-word, found sound, and loop.

The initial release from Beat Liberation Technologies is entitled:

WSB’s Apocalypse 2010 (5:21) 1.2010

© 2010 Leigh Richard Wolf (Beat Liberation Technologies)
© 2010 Hottest Year Ever On Record Productions